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Cast status:
Jersey Boys: Closes on 26th March 2017. Updated current cast list. (21st Feb 2017)

Beautiful - the Carole King Musical: Updated current cast list. (20th Feb 2017)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Closes in London on 7th January 2017. (22nd Dec 2016)

Les Miserables: New principals from 5th December (JVJ, Fantine and Eponine) and 12th December (Marius and Cosette) and 9th January (Javert). (1st Dec 2016)

Les Miserables: New cast from 11th June. Added complete cast list. (23rd Jun 2016)

Billy Elliot: Billy Elliot in London ends on 9th April 2016. (1st Apr 2016)

Les Miserables: Minor cast change from 15th February. (15th Feb 2016)

Aladdin: The Disney musical starts previews at the Prince Edward theatre from 27th May 2016. (23rd Oct 2015)

Bend It Like Beckham: Updated current cast list. (12th Oct 2015)

Miss Saigon: Updated current cast list. New cast from 11th May 2015. (9th Jul 2015)

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James Smoker - (27th Apr 2017)

James Smoker - 22 (26th Apr 2017)

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