About londonmusicalsONLINE

Website lauched on 7 May 2006.

This website is meant to be an archieve of London musicals and London musical performers. For the moment it is updated by us, but in the future we will try to open up for the possibilities of users updating the database with their information.

The photos on this website are all from promotion flyers and programmes etc, and have mostly been scanned by londonmusicalsONLINE.

We have collected the information we have written on the site from different sources in the past few years - Mostly from programmes, the Internet and from what performers or fans have told us.

Since our main interest is Les MisÚrables, there will be more focus on this musical than any other.

This website is not affiliated with any of the performers or shows mentioned around the site. We try to keep it up to date, but we cannot guarantee that all information is correct at all times. The information about each performer is in most cases not complete.

We do not wish to infringe any copyright, so if you think there is stuff on this site that should not be here, please contact us and we will remove it.

Since adding all information we have available takes a lot of time, we have decided to publish the site before adding all information. Please note that we are constantly updating, and that the performers-list and musicals-list is nowhere nearly complete. For the time being we have mainly concentrated on new musicals, and almost all cast information from 2006 until now is complete.

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