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13th October 2018
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18th June 2018
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27th September 2017
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Most recent performer reviews

Phoebe Lyons - What a little star!!! Best singer of castle on a cloud by far!! (14th Sep 2018)

Phoebe Lyons - After seeing Phoebe it was so amazing she used amazing facial expressions and she was just like a little angel I saw her in 2015 and her singing is amazing so any people who are interested in her maybe for jobs hire her she’s amazing love her voice wish I could have her voice!!!! ?????? (14th Sep 2018)

Phoebe Lyons - She was amazing !!! (14th Sep 2018)

Most recent LM reviews

Carrie hope Fletcher is the best eponine in the world. Her performance is just stunning. She puts so much power and emotion into her performance and I balled my eyes out the whole way through!!!! ❤🇫🇷😭 (21st Sep 2014)

I have seen lesmis since 2002 and i still go now it is the best show ever the film was good to i meet the cast a lot always the men i see at the stage door exspecily george miller (24th May 2013)