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smallTALK with Andy Mace

What was your first experience with the musical Les Misérables in London?

My first experience with the show was in 1988, when I came to see it with my girlfriend at the time. We both really enjoyed it, and were blown away by how epic the whole thing seemed to be. I never imagined that I'd actually appear in the show back then, so to get the chance to play Javert was pretty special.

What is your favourite memory from the time you were in Les Misérables in London?

Windsor Castle in 2004 was my favourite memory from the year. We all had a fab time (although it was a stupidly long and hard day) and it's something I'll never forget. It was the third time I'd met the Queen, but who's counting?

Oh, I am. Shit.

What was the most embarrassing thing that happened during your time in London Les Misérables?

Nothing really embarrassing happened in my time in the show - I never fluffed my lines, never (accidentally) fell over and was pretty reliable to be fair. The only thing I did was come on as the Bishop with only one stocking on one day, but I think that amused the cast more than anyone else!

What is/was your favourite scene from Les Misérables and why?

My favourite scene is the moment in the sewers, just before Javert's suicide when the great man appears suddenly in a spot, and you hear that beautiful discordant crash from the orchestra. Great fun to do too. Apart from that, I have to say The Prayer. Clichéd choice I know, but I don't care.

Would you like to be in this musical again? If yes, what role would you like to do then?

I will eventually feel the need to return to the show I'm sure, but not for a few years yet. The only role I'd be considered for would be Javert, although I'm perfectly capable of singing Valjean. I won't be returning to the ensemble though. Been there, done that, too old now anyway. I'd quite like to have a go at Thenardier too.


Article type: smallTALK 2nd August 2005

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