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Carrie hope Fletcher is the best eponine in the world. Her performance is just stunning. She puts so much power and emotion into her performance and I balled my eyes out the whole way through!!!! ❤🇫🇷😭 (Written by "Francesca (Guest)", 21st September 2014)

I have seen lesmis since 2002 and i still go now it is the best show ever the film was good to i meet the cast a lot always the men i see at the stage door exspecily george miller (Written by "susan tolfrre (Guest)", 24th May 2013)

I have seen Les Mis 21 times - It is simply inspirational and a unique and moving experience every time.The music resonates with your heart and the words powerful. Everyone should see this at least twice as you will not notice all the complexities the first time around. (Written by "Sian Shaw (Guest)", 23rd March 2013)

The show was spellbinding. The children were the stars for me. Isabelle Methven was astounding. The silence when she sang...spellbinding. (Written by "Steve Evans (Guest)", 2nd November 2012)

Saw the show on 20th Sept 2012. I was so impressed with little Isabelle Methven. What a voice! She totally held that theatre... you could have heard a pin drop. One definitely to watch..... (Written by "Joanna Lawlor (Guest)", 19th October 2012)

Wow the kids in this show are amazing. Look out for Little Cosette (Isabelle Methven)in future roles - her voices for such a small child is amazing. Loved Gironimo as ValJean - fantastic. (Written by "Adrian Kennedy (Guest)", 12th August 2012)

Saw les mis live for the first time on friday 13th it was absolutely incredible so many talented people whoever hasn't seen it so far has missed out and needs to go as soon as... :D (Written by "chris wagstaff (Guest)", 16th July 2012)

Amazing performance as usual , fantastic cast, great to see a talented gavroche in Marcus Billany !! Will be seeing the show a few more times whilst I'm in London !!! Thanks again to the queens theatre !!! (Written by "James Richards (Guest)", 2nd June 2012)

It was good (Written by "Kate (Guest)", 17th May 2012)

Went to see the USA tour show in Tampa Florida last night. Was the updated production, wish london would move to this. Great show only spoilt a bit by lack of clarity of main characters, did not effect me as I have seen it numerous times but not sure whether it was equipment or just not clear enough singing, But overall very good. (Written by "Andrew (Guest)", 8th February 2012)

Went to see the final performance from Alfie Boe on Sat night. Great atmosphere and full cast. Having seen the show about 20 times I do feel that the 2010 touring production was the best as it appears some of the new special effects are not being used in the London productionwhich is a shame. See the USA tour in Tampa in Feb so will see what production they put on. But overall a great night. Well impressed with Hadley Fraser as Javert. Very arrogant in the role. great night out. (Written by "Andrew (Guest)", 29th November 2011)

Having seen the show at least 10 times the current performance with Alfie Boe and Matt Lucas is the best by far, and each one as been fantastic, all the cast in the current production are excellent, superb production , keep up the good work. (Written by "Lesmis (Guest)", 16th August 2011)

Going to les mis again tonight even though i only saw it 3 months ago and samantha barks is AMAZING. her voice and the way she presents herself is mesmorising! she made it the best performance i have ever seen and its sad she's leaving the cast. i would recommend anyone to go and see it before the 22nd of june to see this girl in action. you will be glued to your seat! (Written by "Lucie (Guest)", 2nd June 2011)

I was at last night's opening night at the Barbican for the anniversary production of Les Mis and it blew me away! I LOVE the new staging! It's brilliant and brings freshness to the story and new nuances. John Owen-Jones is officially the best Valjean I've ever seen by some margin and that's saying something as they've all been brilliant and I've seen the show many times. The Madame Thernardier was also the best I've seen. Having said that, the Fantine, Eponine, and Javert weren't my favourites, although they were all very good. I found Eponine a bit too shouty, and Fantine did too much stuff with it rather than keeping it simple, although it was a moving performance overall. I found I couldn't always hear Javert's words, although he had a lovely strong voice. I missed Michael McCarthy though who is my favourite Javert of all time (having never had the luck to witness Phillip Quast in the role). The Enjolras was strong though and the Gavroche excellent. I thought Gareth Gates did a very creditable performance as Marius, as he doesn't have a background in musical theatre. He certainly was very fetching and lovelorn and sang nicely! His lack of training showed, but he's got likeability so it didn't matter too much. It was a wonderful evening - me and my mum both said we'd never seen it done so well. We're veterans of Les Mis but this was like coming to it fresh and it completely blew us away. (Written by "Samantha (Guest)", 15th September 2010)

We saw the "covertastic" matinee on Saturday. There were second covers on for Valjean, Marius and Cosette in the form of Simon Shorten, Scott Garnham and Helen Owen, and they were all fantastic. We also had Spike Grimsey on as Thenardier. There were 10 people off in all so everyone was working really hard to make sure all the parts were covered. We thoroughly enjoyed it. It was our first time seeing the new cast and we were really impressed with some of them, especially James Smoker as Montparnasse. Simon Shorten was once again amazing as Valjean. Special mentions for Bring Him Home and the Epilogue which were unbelievably brilliant. Some of his facial expressions at the end were just heart breaking! We didn't realise until after the show that it was Scott's first ever performance as Marius! The nerves were slightly evident in a couple of places but you never would have known that he hadn't done it before, he was fabulous. He is the first Marius since Gary Watson to sing "Oh god it's everywhere" really softly in A Little Fall Of Rain, and it was really beautiful. Spike's Thenardier was one of the best we've seen since Chris Vincent. He had the right amount of humour and cunning, and worked really well with Lorraine. All in all yet another fantastic show. Missed a few old faces but the new cast seem to have settled in well. (Written by "K & K (Guest)", 6th September 2010)

Awesome show yesterday. Jamie was outstanding as gavroche, def my favourite. He is so cheeky and loveable. Great performances all round, especially jeff as javert. Really missed nancy. Courfeyrac's "shoot the b******" was particularly loud and fierce :-D having not seen the show for 3 months it was lovely to come back and experience a great show. (Written by "Kaitey Blair (Guest)", 24th January 2010)

I went to see the matinee performance on Sat 16 Jan 2010 and thought it was fabulous. I saw the new cast in June 2009 and the improvement and the way they have bonded since I last saw hem was extremely apparent. They work fantastically together. The youth and enthusiasm of Marius and Cosette was excellent and Valjean was phenomenal. Having seen the show several years earlier, I have to say the current cast is the best I have seen. (Written by "Rachel Phillips (Guest)", 19th January 2010)

I'm a fifteen-year veteran of Les Mis in London, first time poster. Saw the birthday show tonight, 8 October 2009. It was pretty good overall. David Shannon and Earl Carpenter feed well off each other and are clearly enjoying the end of their runs together. Nancy Sullivan doesn't deserve the criticism that she sometimes gets. She delivers 110% each time. It's not easy to do eight times a week, folks, keep that in mind. She does it.

Ensemble: Jeff Nicholson not having a larger role is a crime. The rest of the group 'click' well together and seem to have some fun on stage, too.

Post-show was the usual. No mention of the occasion pre-show, other than the Cosette image with balloons around her. David Shannon gave a very brief speech at the end thanking all those involved in the production (front of house etc). Too bad he didn't mention the original members (including several orchestra musicians) who have been there since day one and are still there today. Everyone sang happy birthday and confetti sprang forward.

The production is in good shape. Hans Peter and Claude Michel were in attendance tonight. It'll be interesting to see how Hans Peter and Simon work together. They're strong leads, and a new Cosette will hopefully beef up the overall level. (Written by "Matt (Guest)", 9th October 2009)

I saw Les Mis on Saturday 5th September 2009 with my friend (my 10th visit and her 9th) and we were blown away by Jonathan Williams' performance as Valjean. We were a little disappointed to find out that the role would be played by the understudy but he is one of the best Valjeans I have ever seen. I hope he gets offered the role on a permanent basis when there is the next cast change. (Written by "Jax (Guest)", 7th September 2009)

Went to see the opening night of the new cast on June 22nd. They were all brilliant but my favourite person was Marius. He was fabulous and has an outstanding and unique voice. (Written by "Daisy (Guest)", 29th June 2009)

I am in love with Les Mis - have seen it over 100 times in 5 different countries. Even have a 24601 tattoo! Everything about it is amazing and I've yet to see a bad performance anywhere! (Written by "Ellen (Guest)", 8th June 2009)

I saw the show last night (08/11/2008) and it was Drew Sarich's last show as Valjean. It was very emotional and it has been a pleasure to have such a talented performer in the show for the last 12 months. He really will be a tough act to follow. It was a fantastic show as always, and Drew got a great send off at the end. (Written by "Kirsty (Guest)", 9th November 2008)

I saw it in London last Monday (09/22/2008)! It was amazing - can anybody tell me who was on stage there!!! I would love to know it! One of the best shows I've ever seen! Thanks! Julia from Germany. (Written by "Julia (Guest)", 25th September 2008)

I saw a school version of Les Mis earlier this year, which was my first experience of any of the music, and it completely blew me away. To see a professional production was a real treat, and I loved every moment. I thought some of the performances were better than others: Valjean, Javert and Marius were all really good. Gavroche's and Enjolras' deaths were brilliant, and I thought Natalie Caswell did very well as Eponine, although her singing was a bit poppy. I spent most of the second act in floods of tears, because the acting was so good, especially from Drew Sarich. The way he aged was truly fantastic. The Thenardiers were funny, as expected, and everyone did very well with the music, with such a fantastic contrast between the tenors of Valjean, Marius and Enjolras. (Written by "Katherine (Guest)", 10th September 2008)

I saw the matinee on Wednesday 20th August. It was my 2nd time seeing the show and for once it was good seeing a show without any understudies, but I have to say that Nancy Sullivan is an amazing Eponine and Drew as Jean Valjean and Earl as Javert worked really well together. I say I would go and see it now whilst it has got this cast because they are all extremely talented. I would recommend this show to everyone and anyone! (Written by "Harry (Guest)", 20th August 2008)

I'm really sad that they've taken away the childrens names. I wanted to write about one of the little Gavroches. (Written by "Pete Andrews (Guest)", 20th August 2008)

I went to see Les Mis last night for the fourth time! It is a credit to the fantastic cast that the show is still recieving standing ovations after such a long run! It is a wonderful, motivating and passionate musical which is timeless! I was so impressed with the entire cast, but special mention has to go to Nancy who portrayed the BEST Eponine that I have seen. She gave such an honest and heartfelt performance and her death scene nearly reduced me to tears! I also think that Drew and Earl were fantastic! I saw John Owen - James when he was on Broadway as Valjean and so I was sceptical seeing Drew - but he was superb! Well done to the cast, and keep up the work - you are all exceptionally talented and it was a pleasure to witness your marvelous performances! (Written by "Sarah Rick-Harris (Guest)", 30th July 2008)

I went to see the show again for the 5th time on July 25th. It really is incredible. Its the first time I have been since the cast change in June, so I was interested to see the new performers. Drew obviously has continued in the role of Valjean (fortunately), and is as brilliant as ever. I was also really impressed with David Thaxton as Enjolras. I thought his voice was great and it was a great portrayal of the character. Nice to see a passionate and motivating Enjolras again. There were some really good scenes between Drew and Earl Carpenter as Javert. The only disappointment for me was the performance of Jon Robyns as Marius. I have seen Gary Watson in the role twice, and absolutely loved his portrayal of Marius. The raw emotion that he brought was incredible. I just didn't get the same with Jon at all. I didn't feel any emtion during Empty Chairs, nor when Eponine died. But he is still new to the role, so I will wait and see how he performs when I go back in September. Brilliant show though. (Written by "Kirsty Earl (Guest)", 28th July 2008)

Have seen Les Mis 4 times in all and have enjoyed and been moved by every one. Best show in London by far!! Just wish John Owen-Jones was still Valjean - still by far and away the best! (Written by "Dawn (Guest)", 5th April 2008)

Been to lots of West End musicals, never come out of one so moved, I was sobbing and shaking for ages!! Such emotion, and a phenominal show. Simply the best, can't wait to go back! (Written by "Tracey P (Guest)", 19th March 2008)

I love this musical! (Written by "Mae (Guest)", 19th November 2007)

I love Les Miserables, it impressed me a lot! (Written by "Yuet (Guest)", 24th July 2007)

Saw Les Mis last night (16 May 2007) for the first time since its move from the Palace theatre. We sat in the middle of Row R of the stalls after buying 'best available' tickets off for £29.50 + £1 booking fee. Legroom was ample, view not the best - the dress circle overhang obscured some of the 'higher up' action, and we felt a bit distant from the stage. That said, good value for what we paid, would have been miffed if the tickets had been full price. I have to confess at being slightly nonplussed at the actual performance; I have very fond memories of the numerous times I saw it at the Palace theatre. John Owen Jones was a solid Valjean, although wavered occasionally with some of the difficult notes. Javert was played by an understudy whose name I did not catch (he was very tall) - and again a decent performance, but nothing spectacular. Joanna Ampil & Gina Beck put in good performances as Fantine and Cosette - and I thought Sabrina Aloueche put in the best performance as Eponine that I have seen since Lea Salonga played the role - fabulous voice. Simon Bailey as Enjolras was also one of the better players of the role I have seen - he had a strong voice and did justice to 'Do You Hear The People Sing'. John Lee is simply not right for the part of Marius - he sung his parts far too abruptly, and did not bring out the emotion expected from 'Empty Chairs'. The Thenardiers did not draw out the comic aspects as much I have seen in the past either (this may be because Mr Thenardier was understudied for that performance) Also the ensemble seem to have gone really downhill since the Palace theatre production - weak singing voices, lack of slickness as a group, and terrible use of the microphone for the leader of the French army - they really need to pull their socks up! In all it still remains a very enjoyable evening out, and no doubt will continue for many years to come (the auditorium was full, even on a Wednesday evening) (Written by "Tom Guglielmi (Guest)", 17th May 2007)

Brilliant show. Breathtaking singing. I've managed to see all the principals and their 1st covers. I have been impressed by them all. An extremely talented cast altogether! (Written by "Marilyn (Guest)", 17th March 2007)

Saw the new cast again last night for the second time since the cast change and enjoyed the show a lot more this time. Everyone seems to be settling into their roles very well. (Written by "Tracy", 15th August 2006)

Hans Peter-Jansen and Chris Vincent are superb! Since Les Mis have gone to the Queens it is far more intimate and absolutely breath-taking - incredible! Ed (a huge fan) (Written by "Guest", 6th July 2006)

I have never seen the show in London, but I have sen the anniversary DVD. This was absolutely amazing and sparked my love for Les Mis. My sister in-law is in a drama group who did the school version of the show in 2006 and I am proud to say they won the cup for best show of the from NODA. (Written by "welshlesmislover", 6th July 2006)

I saw it for the first time yesterday and absolutely loved it. It was amazing! The cast were fantastic and the show as a whole was just stunning. It's so moving and emotional. I have no complaints - it was worth every penny. (Written by "Cassy", 2nd July 2006)

I was involved in Les Miz the school production and I enjoyed watching The West End show as much as I did acting in it! (Written by "Guest", 1st July 2006)

I love Les Mis! It is the best! I have been watching since I was 5 so for 10 years! Love it! (Written by "Lilmzmelvin", 11th May 2006)