- Reviews of Lauren James-Ray

Reviews of Lauren James-Ray

Reviews from the old website
(written between 2000 and 2006):

Sarah Weston from Liverpool, UK: Amazing! I saw her in a Saturday matinee on the 1st of November as Eponine. I think she should officially play Eponine, not just be an understudy. She really brought me to tears and created alot of emotion in me (which is an actors job). Well done!!

Reiko from Japan (currently London): She is one of my favorite Eponine. I can't help crying by her expressing love for Marius, especially when she holds Marius' hand and put her cheeks to it. She is also one of my favorite Cosette, she fits the image of the character with a lovely voice. I hope she will be back soon as regular Eponine or regular Cosette.

Sophia from London: Nice girl and great voice, shame about the small part.