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Latest site updates

27th Sep 2017: Updated current cast list. New cast from 12th June.

1st Dec 2016: New principals from 5th December (JVJ, Fantine and Eponine) and 12th December (Marius and Cosette) and 9th January (Javert).

23rd Jun 2016: New cast from 11th June. Added complete cast list.

15th Feb 2016: Minor cast change from 15th February.

Most recent reviews of London LM performers:
Phoebe Lyons - Amazing (13th Sep 2017)

Chris Cowley - He is an amazing Enjolras, exactly the same with my imagination. Beyond compare. (25th Aug 2017)

Lilly-Mae Hewett - I loved being in les mis it truely was one of the best 6 months of my life if I could go back and do it all over again I would thank you cast and chaperones. (7th May 2017)

Hollie O'Donoghue - Her voice was very powerful and really good fitting for the role of Eponine. It touched every heart. (24th Apr 2017)

Adam Bayjou - I brought my daughters to their first West End show on April 5, 2017. Adam was simply amazing. We will remember his performance forever! Such a presence on stage, exuded heart and kindness. (8th Apr 2017)

Louise Stagg - Louise has a fantastic voice (1st Apr 2017)

Most recent reviews of Les MisÚrables:
Carrie hope Fletcher is the best eponine in the world. Her performance is just stunning. She puts so much power and emotion into her performance and I balled my eyes out the whole way through!!!! ❤🇫🇷😭 (21st Sep 2014)

I have seen lesmis since 2002 and i still go now it is the best show ever the film was good to i meet the cast a lot always the men i see at the stage door exspecily george miller (24th May 2013)

I have seen Les Mis 21 times - It is simply inspirational and a unique and moving experience every time.The music resonates with your heart and the words powerful. Everyone should see this at least twice as you will not notice all the complexities the first time around. (23rd Mar 2013)