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Date of birth:
17 February 1980

Cologne, Germany

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London Les Misérables experience

When did you first hear songs from Les Mis? When I was around 10
When and why did you start liking Les Mis? I must admit: in Summer 2003, the first version in Germany was not something that blew me away, though I liked some songs
When did you see Les Mis in London for the first time? September 2003
How many times have you seen Les Mis in London? More than 10 times now
How often do you see Les Mis in London? Depends on how often I can come to London and what else I want to see
Would you classify yourself as a "LesMisoholic"? Nope
What are your family and friends' comments on your Les Mis "obsession"? No comments as many of them don't know, others are fans as well
Do you own many souvenirs from London Les Mis? Only programmes, brochures and one of the sheets the students through in the ABC cafe
What is your best London Les Mis memory? Probably the first show I saw and the last show of the 2004/2005 cast... Plus some stage door experiences

London Les Misérables favourites

Favourite song: Too many
Favourite scene: Student scenes... ;o)
Favourite role: Grantaire, Enjolras, Montparnasse
Favourite Jean Valjean: Simon Bowman and Sean Kingley
Favourite Javert: Mark Dickinson
Favourite Thénardier: of the people I've seen: only Kristian Vetter in Duisburg, Germany so far
Favourite Marius: Gary Tushaw (and in Germany: Alen Hodzovic)
Favourite Eponine: Sophia Ragavelas
Favourite Cosette: Lydia Griffith
Favourite Enjolras: Matthew Atwell and Alexis James
Favourite Bishop: Matt Harrop
Favourite Factory Foreman: Paul Westhead
Favourite Bamatabois: Matthew Atwell
Favourite Grantaire: Matt Harrop
Favourite Warnings: Matt Harrop and Chris Key
Favourite cast members: Matt Harrop, Matthew Atwell, Alexis James, Simon Bowman, Mark
Dickinson, Rhoe Thornton, Paul Westhead, ...
Favourite cast overall: 2003 - 2005 ;o)
Performer I wish returned to London LM: Not sure, probably my favourites
Performer I never saw in a role but wish I had: Matt Harrop and Chris Key as Thenardier, Chris Key as Valjean, most of Matt Harrop's other roles


What role would you want to play:

Enjolras, Grantaire, Montparnasse
Costume/prop I wish I owned from LM: Enjolras, Grantaire, Montparnasse costumes

How often do you go to the stage door:

depends on the cast, sometimes everytime I see the show, sometimes I don't go at all
Best stage door experience: You don't wanna know...
Friendliest performers you have met at the stage door? Loads of them are nice and friendly
Do you see other musicals as well: Yes, a lot
Favourite musical: RENT, Notre Dame de Paris, Tanz der Vampire (German version), Les Mis
Anything more you wish to add:

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7 May 2006

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