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Craig Mather

Musicals in London:
Les Miserables 23rd June 2011 - 16th June 2012
Les Miserables 18th June 2012 - 26th January 2013
Les Miserables 15th February 2016 - 11th June 2016
Les Miserables 13th June 2016 - 10th December 2016
The Wind in the Willows 16th June 2017 - 9th September 2017
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Hi is very good as marius he is very cute and good looking i wish i could go out with him i cant wait to see him again (Written by "susan tolfree (Guest)", 10th Mar 2012)

I thing he is very good and i cant wait to meet him one day i will try when i go on august the 26 the day after my birthday (Written by "susan (Guest)", 22nd Jun 2012)

I love Les Mis, and went to see it three times in february because of catching my two favourite performers at the same time, Ramin and Hadley (wich ofc were outstanding!!!) But there was one more Character who really stood out to me and that was Marius! I am not a big fan of the role Marius, I do not dislike him or anything, just not my favourite character, but Craig plays this role so good! His acting skills are phenomenal and his voice is breathtaking! It has such power in it, yet it can be so gentle! Craig brings tears in my eyes everytime he sings 'Empty Chairs At Empty Tables', he sings it with such passion, it is simply breathtaking and it was one of the songs I still tought about after watching the show, because of his performance. In 'A Little Fall Of Rain' he totally makes me cry. Usually I cry because Eponine dies and I love her, this time I cried because of the way Craig performed his part in this song. I will go back to London in May to see my favourite show again, but also to catch Craig once again as Marius and Hadley once again as Javert. I will deffinatly follow Craig's career with interrest and I do belive and Hope he will be in many of the major and beloved West End roles in years to come. Anyone who has the chance to catch him as Marius before he leaves should! You will not be disappointed! (Written by "Louise (Guest)", 1st Apr 2012)

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