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Gavin Staplehurst

Musicals in London:
The Producers 22nd October 2004 - 27th August 2005
The Producers 29th August 2005 - 18th March 2006
The Producers 20th March 2006 - end date not known (2006)
Spamalot 30th September 2006 - 21st July 2007
Spamalot 23rd July 2007 - 21st June 2008
Spamalot 23rd June 2008 - 3rd January 2009
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Looks like he has put some timber on since he has turned 30 which has slowed his performance some what. The highlight in a general shoddy performance were his bright white teeth which are still as shiny as ever (Written by "Dan Watson (Guest)", 21st Aug 2016)

Looking forward to seeing the BFC Staplehurst in the new west end musical 'meeting Marlon' (Written by "Gerrard Geehan (Guest)", 22nd Aug 2016)

(Written by "Kevinda Bhajwaj (Guest)", 13th May 2018)

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