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George Miller

Currently in Mamma Mia in London

Ensemble (Ensemble) in Mamma Mia (Novello Theatre )

Musicals in London:
Les Miserables 25th June 2007 - 21st June 2008
Les Miserables 23rd June 2008 - 20th June 2009
Les Miserables 22nd June 2009 - 19th June 2010
Les Miserables 21st June 2010 - 18th June 2011
Les Miserables 23rd June 2011 - 16th June 2012
Les Miserables 18th June 2012 - 15th June 2013
Les Miserables 17th June 2013 - 14th June 2014
Mamma Mia 8th June 2015 -
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Agent details:
Regan Rimmer Management
Last verified: 31st May 2008


I saw George as Grantaire for the first time today and thought he played it really well. I especially liked "better than an opera" and Drink With Me. He doesn't stand out as much for me as Woody or Keith but even so he was really good. (Written by "Kaitey Blair (Guest)", 21st Dec 2008)

I have seen him play the part for 5.years he is very good i always talk to him when i go he is good to talk too i cant wait to see him again i wish i could go out with him besause i havent got a boyfriend i really want one (Written by "susan tolfree (Guest)", 30th Jun 2012)

Brilliant - but he had a great A level teacher :-) (Written by "Sue (Guest)", 4th Nov 2008)

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