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Hadley Fraser

Currently in Young Frankenstein in London

Frederick Frankenstein (Principal) in Young Frankenstein (Garrick Theatre)

Musicals in London:
Les Miserables 29th July 2002 - 26th July 2003
The Fantasticks 24th May 2010 - 26th June 2010
Les Miserables 23rd June 2011 - 16th June 2012
City Of Angels 6th December 2014 - 7th February 2015
Young Frankenstein 28th September 2017 -
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An outstanding performer with the best male voice I've ever heard. Loved him in Les Mis as Javert, wich is my all time favourite musical character, wich he plays perfectly! Love the way the brings out the animalstic and frustrated side of Javert, and his voice is phenomenal. He also totally becomes the character on stage and his voice can go into every tone there is, wether it is quitet and soft and gentle, or frustrated and angry. His version of 'Stars' is the best I have heard and seen performed live and always brings tears to my eyes. I also love him when he sings 'confrontation' and the way he plays Javert when speaking to Valjean as the Major after 'runaway' cart. I also LOVE the face expression he gives Valjean at the barricades when he sees that Valjean is there fighting with the students. He is also the first person who ever made me like the character Raoul in Phantom Of The Opera. To me he brought out a very gentle and kind side of Raoul instead of only the pampered rich boy, and I seriously felt as frustrated as Christine in the choice of Raoul or Phantom. (Written by "Louise (Guest)", 1st Apr 2012)

He has a very good voice, but unfortunately he seemed a bit undevoted to the character Javert. (Written by "Stine (Guest)", 25th Feb 2012)

Have seen Hadley 10 times as Javert out of the 11 times I've been to Les Mis since June last year.He has amazing stage presence-a talent you just can't teach or learn-& he really makes me believe in the character & all his fanatic flaws-must've been crap to be born in a jail with a gypsy & a screw for parents-Hadley makes me understand - his voice is awesome-he's classed as a tenor but his range is wider than that.His "Stars"has me in tears every time,& I love the onstage chemistry between him & Ramin Karimloo as JVJ at the moment.Hadley is also one of the sweetest & kindest performers I have met-plus he's definitely gorgeous-looking-with or without specs!I'm hoping for a hugely successful future for this multi-talented guy! (Written by "soogee", 5th Mar 2012)

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