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Hayden Tee

New Zealand

Musicals in London:
Les Miserables 27th June 2005 - 24th June 2006
Les Miserables 9th January 2017 - 22nd April 2017
Les Miserables 17th July 2017 - 20th January 2018
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If you have not been to one of Hayden's cabarets then you must! You have got to see it! He is an amazing cabaret performer and Marius! Shame he is leaving Les Mis but hope he will come back to England soon! (Written by "Lilmzmelvin", 7th May 2006)

I can never believe how beautiful this guy's voice is. Ever since the first time I heard him sing "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables", I've been really blown away by his unique interpretation of Marius. Michael Ball will always be "the" Marius for me, but Hayden's the only other Marius that's ever stood out for me. And he's not bad to look at, either! (Written by "Schmergo (Guest)", 27th Jun 2008)

The most beautiful actor I've ever seen, but so much more than just a pretty face being an incredibly talented actor with a fantastic, unique voice. His Marius and cabaret shows are an absolute delight. He'll always be Marius in my heart. (Written by "Julia_Cosette", 16th May 2006)

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