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Mazz Murray

Currently in Mamma Mia in London

Tanya (Principal) in Mamma Mia (Novello Theatre )

Musicals in London:
We Will Rock You 18th April 2005 - 8th April 2006
We Will Rock You 10th April 2006 - 7th October 2006
We Will Rock You 9th October 2006 - 29th September 2007
We Will Rock You 1st October 2007 - 20th September 2008
We Will Rock You 22nd September 2008 - 12th September 2009
We Will Rock You 14th September 2009 - 25th May 2010
We Will Rock You 8th August 2011 - 20th August 2011
Mamma Mia 8th June 2015 -
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Her voice is utterly amazing. I met her after the show...which I actually think I was the only one out there...on the 5th of Monday. Mazz, you've definitely made a fan out of me! (Written by "Elphaba (Guest)", 7th May 2008)

Utterly breathtaking. She is such an amazing killer Queen - this is by far the strongest cast of WWRY we've had! The important ones are staying on thankfully! (Written by "Guest", 30th Jul 2008)

Mazz is a legend, she has an amazing voice & performs the part of the Killer Queen you'd almost think it was written for her. (Written by "KiKi (Guest)", 24th Feb 2008)

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