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Redmand Rance

Musicals in London:
Singin' in the Rain 4th February 2012 - Unknown end date (2012/2013)
Billy Elliot 22nd August 2012 - 10th November 2012
Billy Elliot 12th November 2012 - 11th May 2013
Billy Elliot 13th May 2013 - 10th May 2014
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Well done with singing in the rain reds! Good luck with billy Elliot now! Can't wait to perform with you as a ballet girl on a westend stage ;) lots of love courts xxxxx (Written by "Courtney Layton (Guest)", 9th Apr 2012)

omg red!! u probably don't remember me from solent junior but its Harriet from Mrs brooks class!!?? i met yr friend Owen and heard about how well yr doing!! i so think you'll be famous one day!! xxxx (Written by "Harriet (Guest)", 18th May 2012)

Redmand is an amazing singer and dancer who I believe could become really famous! Well Done Redmand! (He is my best friend at school) (Written by "Joshua (Guest)", 26th Mar 2012)

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