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Ricardo Afonso

Currently in Thriller Live in London

Performer (Ensemble) in Thriller Live (Lyric theatre)

Musicals in London:
We Will Rock You July 2010 - 4th September 2010
We Will Rock You 10th April 2006 - 7th October 2006
We Will Rock You 9th October 2006 - 29th September 2007
We Will Rock You 1st October 2007 - 20th September 2008
We Will Rock You 22nd September 2008 - 12th September 2009
We Will Rock You 6th September 2010 - 6th August 2011
Top Hat 19th April 2012 - 3rd February 2013
Thriller Live 2nd April 2013 - 30th March 2014
Thriller Live 1st April 2014 -
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown 18th December 2014 - 23rd May 2015
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I saw Ricardo back when he was an understudy (11th August). He is by far the most amazing Galileo. And sooo sexy it hurts! (Written by "Jess (Guest)", 16th Apr 2008)

He was awsome, we think he was absolutely mind blowing! He is amazing and we would watch him in We Will Rock You 3000 times and still not get tired of hearing his brilliant voice! OMG rock on Ricardo - we love you! Don't stop - you're IMENCE!! xxx (Written by "Jaz , Tom and Mel (Guest)", 11th Dec 2008)

He's amazing, what a wonderful voice & he's rather good looking. Met him afterwards on the tube, couldn't stop grinning. But his voice - could easily fall in love with anyone with a voice that good. (Written by "JoJo (Guest)", 15th Jan 2008)

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