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Musicals in London:
Les Miserables 23rd June 2008 - 20th June 2009
Les Miserables 22nd June 2009 - 19th June 2010
Les Miserables 21st June 2010 - 18th June 2011
The Phantom of the Opera 5th September 2011 - 1st September 2012
The Phantom of the Opera 3rd September 2012 - 24th August 2013
Les Miserables 26th August 2013 - 14th June 2014
Les Miserables 16th June 2014 - 13th June 2015
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Last verified: 31st May 2008

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Saw Simon as Bamatabois yesterday and thought he played the part really well. It was nice to see him in a different role. Would love to see him as JVJ sometime. (Written by "Kaitey Blair (Guest)", 29th Mar 2009)

We love Simon as the old man in the inn with the ear trumpet :-D He is very funny. (Written by "Kaitey Blair (Guest)", 21st Dec 2008)

finally got to see simon's valjean for the first time on saturday and thought he was absolutely amazing. As with drew he kept his convict edge throughout but also showed great compassion and empathy . I particularly loved his scenes with cosette. Bring him home was beautiful. Second wig and suit were fab. (Written by "kaitey blair (Guest)", 21st Jun 2010)

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