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David Thaxton

Neath, South Wales

Musicals in London:
Les Miserables 27th June 2005 - 24th June 2006
Les Miserables 26th June 2006 - 23rd June 2007
Les Miserables 23rd June 2008 - 20th June 2009
Les Miserables 22nd June 2009 - 19th June 2010
Passion 10th September 2010 - 27th November 2010
Love Never Dies 7th March 2011 - 27th August 2011
Les Miserables 16th June 2014 - 13th June 2015
Les Miserables 22nd January 2018 - 9th June 2018
Les Miserables 11th June 2018 - 21st July 2018
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Agent details:
Grantham - Hazeldine
Last verified: 31st May 2008

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David is certainly following in the family footsteps. I am his biggest fan having been to all his shows including his early days in the College of Music and Drama Lunchtime Concerts in Cardiff. I am looking forward to seeing his next performance in the Millenium Centre on July 13th, taking the leading role with the Welsh National Youth Opera Company In the Rakes Progress. (Written by "Great Aunty Iris (Guest)", 29th Jun 2007)

I was lucky enough to be able to be at both Drew's last shows on Saturday (Nov 8th) and thought David was even more awesome than normal! I've always thought him amazing before but in these two shows he was out of this world! He shows such passion and courage and conviction. The chemistry between him and Jon is so strong and genuine. His voice is brilliant and he acting is equally so. My favourite bit being at the start of the second half when he talks about building the barricades and says "wait" whilst banging his gun on the ground. It's amazing how powerful one word can be! Absolutely perfect in this role is all I can say. Enjolras is one of my favourite characters so I can be quite difficult to please at times but David never ceases to amaze me with his portrayal. I hope he is in the show for a long time to come. (Written by "Kaitey Blair (Guest)", 11th Nov 2008)

Best Enjolras I've ever seen. Simple as that really :) Amazing! Passionate and inspiring and motivational and any other nice word u can think of! Brilliant acting, brilliant voice, when you picture Enjolras you should picture David coz he plays it exactly as you would imagine the character to be! (Written by "Kaitey (Guest)", 8th Sep 2008)

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