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Reviews of Jersey Boys

Absolutely fantastic, loved every minute, want to go again! The singing is fabulous! (Written by "Janet (Guest)", 12th March 2008)

Best show I have seen in a long time! Ben Jennings as Frankie valli just amazing!! (Written by "Linda (Guest)", 25th August 2012)

Brillant show! Came to see Ryan. Got Ben Jennings instead. What can I say! Outstanding!! (Written by "Jo (Guest)", 1st September 2012)

Seen show 5 times in 3years. Love it! (Written by "Chris (Guest)", 1st September 2012)

I'm a big fan of this show. Always a very talented cast! Seen many actors play Frankie valli. Saw it a few weeks back. For the first time wasn't impressed! Dan Burton struggled with the vocals! Really bad !! (Written by "Jackie (Guest)", 19th September 2012)

Big fan of this show! Seen it over 20 times! Ryan molloy and now Ben Jennings are my all time fave frankies! No one else touches these two! Exceptional!! (Written by "Gem (Guest)", 9th October 2012)

Great show great cast! Little Ben Jennings outstanding as Frankie valli !! (Written by "Guest", 19th December 2012)

Agree with other comments about Ben Jennings as Frankie! Seen it twice in last month. (Written by "Bob (Guest)", 19th December 2012)

Seen show 100 times now. Saw it yesterday 20/1/13. First time seeing Ben Jennings as Frankie. One word AMAZING! One of the best I've seen!! (Written by "Kim (Guest)", 20th January 2013)

Also saw show 19/1/2013. Loved it so much we stayed for the evening performance as well! Top guys Ben Jennings and Ryan Molloy! Couldn't get any better!! (Written by "Emma (Guest)", 22nd January 2013)

One of the best shows in the west end! (Written by "Emma (Guest)", 27th January 2013)

Oh my god! Just found this site! As an oldie I'm delighted to have seen a very young Ben Jennings in les mis many years ago! Now last month as Frankie valli. Didn't realize at first! One word Brilliant!! (Written by "Paul (Guest)", 12th February 2013)

Great show with new cast! 12/3/2013. Going to be a good year! Looking forward to seeing Ben Jennings as the new Joe pesci plus his brill Frankie valli shows! Also Edd post as the new Bob! (Written by "Guest", 13th March 2013)

Saw show last sat 16th.Great show! Great Frankie played by Ben Jennings! By far the best I have seen! To top it off Simon cow ell was watching as well! Hope he noticed the talent! (Written by "Dave webb (Guest)", 20th March 2013)

Saw show with new cast 12/3/2013 plus again on the 16th. Ryan molloy brill.Ben Jennings brill. Can't pick between these two as Frankie valli. Best vocals in the west end!! (Written by "Mandy (Guest)", 24th March 2013)

Ryan molloy can sing an act! Ben Jennings can sing,act and dance! Fantastic!! (Written by "Celia (Guest)", 25th March 2013)

WOW ! What can I say! Superb Mr Ben Jennings as the lead Frankie Valli. Go see him you won't be disappointed!! 6/4/2013 (Written by "Alex green (Guest)", 7th April 2013)

Saw both shows 9/4/2013. Two different Frankie vallis. New cover Michael Watson gave a really nervous performance! His voice and timing were all over the place. Hope he improves! Second time seeing Ben Jennings.Another flawless performance as Frankie! Well done! (Written by "Anne jones (Guest)", 10th April 2013)

Went to see Michael Watson as as new cover Frankie last night. Love new covers! Not so good! Off key most of time! Shame! I do love this show. (Written by "Sophie (Guest)", 11th April 2013)

Saw this show last week with a understudy on for the lead. His name was Michael Watson. He didn't really get to grips with this role. He missed lines more than once plus his singing was flat from start to finish! A couple in front of our party got up to leave in the interval hoping to get some of their ticket money back! Not good enough for a top west end show! (Written by "Tina (Guest)", 13th April 2013)

Went to see new cast yesterday. Not a patch on the old one! Matt Wycliffe was the best bob ever!! The guy playing Frankie valli was the worst Ive seen! Michael watson!! He let everyone in the cast down! (Written by "Guest", 15th April 2013)

Seen this show 3times now. Saw last Saturday. As an old boy who remembers Frankie valli I was blow away by the young man playing him! Reading the other comments about him I must be right! Mr Ben Jennings your fantastic! (Written by "John (Guest)", 22nd April 2013)

Big fan of this brilliant show! Went last night. A guy called Michael Watson was on for Frankie valli. He struggled really bad with the singing! Didn't enjoy it at all! Will leave it a while until I go again!! (Written by "Tracey (Guest)", 27th April 2013)

Another great show! Sunday mat 28th. Can't tell tell you how just how great Ben Jennings is playing Frankie! Outshines everyone! Hope he gets the lead in the near future!! West end at it's best with this performer! (Written by "Sarah collins (Guest)", 29th April 2013)

This has to be one of the top shows in the west end! Been going to shows for over 10 years . Seen jersey boys every month for 5 of those. Ben Jennings has to be the best Frankie I have seen! He should be the lead! Hope he gets it!! Don't take my word for it. Go an see for yourself!! He's right up there with best, west end and broadway!! (Written by "Bobby (Guest)", 30th April 2013)

Jersey boys fan must have seen it over 100 times! Still lovebthe show but I think the standard has gone down picking the Frankie covers in the last year! You can't have Ryan molloy and Ben Jennings who are so much ahead of the rest. Then have the ones who can just about scrape through! Saw show last week the cover on was a Michael? I really felt I was watching a school play! Not it the other twos class I'm afraid! Will only go now when Ben or Ryan is on. Don't want to waste my hard earned money! (Written by "Carol (Guest)", 1st May 2013)

Agree with last comments! We need all the frankies to be brill. Because Ben an Ryan are so far ahead the others look just average! Will also only go now when they are playing Frankie! Can't risk a so so show. (Written by "Lucy (Guest)", 3rd May 2013)

As an ex vocal coach for west end singers I can sadly agree with the comments about standards going down with west end shows! If casting cast performers at cheaper wages this is what the paying public will get. I also have seen this show many times over the years. Went a few days ago and saw a Michael watson as the cover lead. I don't want to be unkind to the young man but really shouldn't be leading a show yet. He was flat the whole show! Vocal coach please sort this out! You are giving this guy false dreams! (Written by "Mark (Guest)", 6th May 2013)

Watched Jersey Boys 4 times now. Ryan Molloy twice and Ben Jennings twice. Both are absolutley superb in the role. The high notes they can both hit make me shudder. If any one wants to see a great show this is it. Fantastic.(i see it every time i visit London) (Written by "Sisterbetty (Guest)", 8th May 2013)

Another exceptional performance by Ben Jennings! This guy is untouchable as Frankie Valli. No one better!! Great talent in a great show!! (Written by "Hannah bolton (Guest)", 11th May 2013)

Saw Jersey Boys on saturday 11th may. Ben Jennings has the most phenomenal voice ive ever heard. The entire cast were amazing & I would recommend this musical to everyone. I'm already planning to see it again. The show was just mind blowing! (Written by "marita-amie (Guest)", 13th May 2013)

So pleased to see Ben Jennings being acknowledge for the talented guy that he is! First saw him in mamma Mia then followed him in the Internet drama wks09. He played the lead as Jamie in perfect pitch ' The diary of me' which got great reviews for his outstanding performance! He has now come into his own when playing Frankie Valli. About time too! Hope to see him take over the part in the near future! Just an amazing performer!! (Written by "Nicola jackson (Guest)", 13th May 2013)

Ben Jennings has been nominated for understudy of the year 2013! Get voting for this super talented guy! He's done jersey boys proud! Check out the web site now. (Written by "Karen (Guest)", 15th May 2013)

Brilliant Ben Jennings Tuesday mat! What a voice!.... Vote for this guy for understudy 2013! (Written by "Karen (Guest)", 17th May 2013)

Love this show. Wanted to see Ben Jennings as I have heard a lot of good things about him. Plus his reviews are great. Always gone to see Ryan Molloy as Frankie so my standards were going to be high. Well yep! The hype is true! Ben is just as good as Ryan! Vocals, everything! One word BRILLIANT!!! (Written by "Amy (Guest)", 18th May 2013)

Think I have seen every cover for Frankie valli in London over the 5 years the show has been runing. Some really good! Some really bad! ( mainly vocals not up to scratch!) The show has been luck to get Ben Jennings as swing last year now Joey first cover Frankie this year. Has outshone all the others. Number one Frankie!! Just superb!! (Written by "Kenny (Guest)", 21st May 2013)

Think I have seen every cover for Frankie valli in London over the 5 years the show has been runing. Some really good! Some really bad! ( mainly vocals not up to scratch!) The show has been luck to get Ben Jennings as swing last year now Joey first cover Frankie this year. Has outshone all the others. Number one Frankie!! Just superb!! (Written by "Kenny (Guest)", 21st May 2013)

Think I have seen every cover for Frankie valli in London over the 5 years the show has been runing. Some really good! Some really bad! ( mainly vocals not up to scratch!) The show has been luck to get Ben Jennings as swing last year now Joey first cover Frankie this year. Has outshone all the others. Number one Frankie!! Just superb!! (Written by "Kenny (Guest)", 21st May 2013)

Think I have seen every cover for Frankie valli in London over the 5 years the show has been runing. Some really good! Some really bad! ( mainly vocals not up to scratch!) The show has been luck to get Ben Jennings as swing last year now Joey first cover Frankie this year. Has outshone all the others. Number one Frankie!! Just superb!! (Written by "Kenny (Guest)", 21st May 2013)

Also seen this show many times. Love it! Can't tell you how good Ben Jennings is compared to the other covers I have seen over the years! You have to see for yourself! Great performer! A credit to the west end!! (Written by "Jersey fan (Guest)", 25th May 2013)

Just read all these reviews after watching jersey boys last night.Wasn't so lucky to see Ben as Frankie it was Michael Watson who was on. Well not a fan I'm afraid!! He has problems singing in the right key plus it looks like he's over acting. Will wait an check to see who is on next time! (Written by "Lucy (Guest)", 26th May 2013)

Seen the extremely talented Ben Jennings a few times as Frankie Valli. Again have to agree with the mass he is just amazing in this part!! Vote for him as understudy of the year on west end frame site. Well deverved!! (Written by "Danni (Guest)", 1st June 2013)

Top show! Went yesterday mat. Saw a guy called Michael Watson playing the lead for the first time.... Well it was ok. Not so good as I would have liked. His vocals are to me not right for this role. Apart from seeming off key most of the time his tone is awful! Seen a few covers play now but this guy has too be one of the poorer ones! Apart from that the show is full of a great cast! Love Ben Jennings an Ryan molloy so will wait to see these two next time. (Written by "Maggie (Guest)", 5th June 2013)

Went to both shows Tuesday mat. Saw two covers play Frankie Valli. Oh my god! First show was not what I expected! The guy Michael Watson had terrible problems staying in tune then sang some songs in a funny voice! Had seen the show last year and the lead sounded just like Frankie! Second show. Wow! What a difference! Ben Jennings took over the lead an was Brilliant!! Don't know if this was the guy I had seen before but he was spot on! Very good performer! Outstanding!! Shame about the first show! (Written by "Julie (Guest)", 6th June 2013)

What is going on with this show! .. Always been a big fan since jersey boys opened. Love the whole thing. The past couple of years have seen the standard go down with the cast! The Frankie covers apart from a few have been down right awful!! Thought after last year with the first cover being not so good this year would be better. Saw it last week an the cover was a Michael Watson. Again not so good. Have seen Ben Jennings who is exceptional! Will always check first from now on before I book. Not what I expect from a top west end show. Hope Ryan and ben continue in this show. (Written by "Amanda (Guest)", 8th June 2013)

Love Ryan molloy as Frankie valli. Saw him last week in show! Brilliant yet again. Don't see anyone coming close but I'm going to see it next time when Ben Jennings is on as I keep hearing all these amazing things about him. Always been a Ryan fan but will put my hands up if Ben is as good as everyone is saying! Can't wait!! (Written by "Ryan fan! (Guest)", 10th June 2013)

Have seen the lead and most of the covers play Frankie Valli in jersey boys over the years this great show has been running in the west end. The gap between the good and bad is extreme. Ryan Molloy plus Ben Jennings are phenomenal in this part! Their vocals are just something else! Always try to see the show when I'm in town. With either these two playing Frankie of course!! (Written by "Best Frankies! (Guest)", 17th June 2013)

One of the best shows in west end! Love west end live! Went yesterday. Jon Lee as Frankie was appalling! Apart from being off key and missing words to songs, he sang in a stupid accent!! How he ever got this role is beyond me!! So many more performers who could do this part. Missed Ryan Molloy he's the best. Also seen Ben Jennings play this part who is just fantastic as well. (Written by "Fan (Guest)", 23rd June 2013)

My favourite show of all time. Cast super talented! Hate to moan but some of the covers for Frankie have been poor in the last couple of years! Yes I know it's down to personal choice but when your paying to see a top west end show the standard should be really good. Michael Watson was the actor on for the lead... Really struggled with the singing! Timing all over the place. I felt he didn't know what he was doing! Will be back but will find out who is the lead next time. (Written by "West end fan (Guest)", 25th June 2013)

Hmmm have to agree with comments about cover Frankies! A lot of shows start off with great casts then as the years go by the standard goes down. This is due to cutting cost etc. Still should try and get the best they can. But this might be the best they could get? Still a great show with some great covers! Not all are awful. Ryan molloy is still brill, with Ben Jennings hot on his tails! (Written by "Fan (Guest)", 26th June 2013)

Excellent Mr Ben Jennings! Played Frankie Valli like he owned the part!! What a talent! Best show in west end! (Written by "Jane (Guest)", 27th June 2013)

Superb Ben Jennings as Frankie Valli last night! The audience gave the biggest standing ovation I have witnessed in this show over the years! Exceptionally good!! (Written by "Mandy birch (Guest)", 27th June 2013)

Wrote a comment about seeing Ben Jennings as Frankie as I have always been a huge Ryan molloy fan. I knew it was going to be tough to find another performer to play this part as good as Ryan. Ben was just amazing!! .... Loved him! Hope when Ryan leaves Ben will be up for the part! Best cover iv seen in a long time! (Written by "Ryan fan (Guest)", 29th June 2013)

Michael Watson has to be one of the worst understudies for the part of Frankie valli I have seen! Looks ok but that is about it. His singing is off key the whole time plus his acting choices for this part are awful!! Can't see the show lasting with covers like this. (Written by "Guest", 6th July 2013)

First saw jersey boys two years ago .really good show.Cast everything were great! Went a few weeks ago.the lead was played by Michael bad I thought I was watching a different show! This guy can not sing! He struggled to stay in tune with every song off key and flat! Hated it! If this is the quality of west end shows I would rather not pay my hard earned money to watch this drivel! I had taken my friend who had never seen it before. We won't be going back!! (Written by "Maggie (Guest)", 14th July 2013)

Have to agree with comments about Michael Watson! He is just not right for this part vocally or acting wise. I'm sure he is fine in other parts but this one is not it! Just because he may look right doesn't mean he has the talent to play every part. Seen show a few times now with lots of different actors playing Frankie. Some better than others but clearly this guy is not suited by reading others reviews on his performance. (Written by "Music fan (Guest)", 15th July 2013)

Fabulous Ben Jennings played Frankie Valli like he owned the the part! Love his voice! Reached the high notes with ease. His ' can't take my eyes off you ' is in a class of it's own. Will be going again!! (Written by "Jo (Guest)", 15th July 2013)

Terrible understudy on for Frankie Valli!! So disappointed! The show isn't what it was I'm afraid! Michael Watson couldn't sing in tune. He looked like he didn't know what he was doing. Can't tell you how bad he was! Won't be going again when this actors is on. The worst performance I have seen it a long time! (Written by "Guest (Guest)", 24th July 2013)

Have to say I totally disagree with the poor reviews of Michael Watson as frankie valli. As a musician myself I know how difficult that part is and I have to say when I saw him he nailed it. Absolutely amazing!!! (Written by "Guest (Guest)", 25th July 2013)

Saw show last Sunday.Ryan Molooy is the man! (Written by "Guest", 1st August 2013)

First time seeing Ben Jennings as Frankie last Tuesday night. Absolutely superb vocals! Very high standard! Great night out.loved it! (Written by "Fan (Guest)", 10th August 2013)

Great show! Loved Ryan molloy! Must be one of the top in the west end right now. (Written by "Guest", 25th August 2013)

OMG! Just got back from seeing jersey boys.Ben Jennings was just incredible as Frankie Valli. It fact just perfect! His voice is superb for this part.Hits every note with ease! Loved it!! (Written by "Sarah (Guest)", 31st August 2013)

" can't take my eyes off you" by far the best song in show! Ben Jennings sings this spot on!! What a show stopper! What a voice!! (Written by "Cathy (Guest)", 14th September 2013)

Went to this show last month and it was awesome seeing Michael Watson play Frankie Valli (Written by "Sam (Guest)", 18th September 2013)

Saw show on the 8th sept mat. Really feel good show with a lot of talent in the cast. Lead was played by an understudy who in my mind wasn't quite as good as I have seen in the past. He seemed a little flat with his singing. Would still go back as I enjoyed the show. Perhaps will see if I can check who's playing first. (Written by "Shirley (Guest)", 20th September 2013)

Above review. Meant 7th sept not 8th.... (Written by "Shirley (Guest)", 20th September 2013)

Really impressed with jersey boys! Ryan Molloy is outstanding as Frankie! Also loved edd post as bob,Jon boy don as Tommy plus ben Jennings as Joey!! What a show!!! (Written by "Guest", 21st September 2013)

Brilliant Ben Jennings last night as Frankie! One word... Fabulous! (Written by "Jersey fan (Guest)", 13th October 2013)

Ben Jennings is fantastic as Frankie Valli! Star quality!! (Written by "Cheryl Kemp (Guest)", 20th October 2013)

Enjoyed the jersey boys so much! Ben Jennings who played the lead Frankie Valli was in a class of his own! Outstanding voice! Made the show for and my party! Will be coming back to see this amazing guy! (Written by "Sue (Guest)", 21st October 2013)

Caught the show Saturday mat 19th october. Never seen such a lively audience! They were going mad when Ben Jennings who played Frankie sang Cant take my eyes off you. The applause stopped him continuing into the next song! Loved it! Went to stage door at the end so tell him how great he was. It was mobbed! Couldn't get near! Next time tho! Super talented performer! What a star!! (Written by "Judy (Guest)", 21st October 2013)

For Frankie: 1st: Michael Watson 2nd: Ben Jennings 3rd: Ben Evans For Bob: 1st: Chris Gardner 2nd: Stuart King 3rd: Michael Watson For Nick: 1st: Mark Isherwood 2nd: Jake Samuels 3rd: Ben Wheeler For Tommy: 1st: Ben Wheeler 2nd: Mark Isherwood 3rd: Chris Gardner For Bob Crewe: 1st: Stuart King 2nd: Ben Wheeler 3rd: Tommie Earl Jones For Gyp: 1st: Mark Halliday 2nd: Ben Wheeler 3rd: Mark Isherwood For Joe: 1st: Ben Evans 2nd: Michael Watson 3rd: Mark Isherwood For Barry: 1st: Ben Evans 2nd: Michael Watson 3rd: Stuart King For Hank: 1st: Stuart King 2nd: Ben Wheeler 3rd: Michael Watson For Norm: 1st: Ben Wheeler 2nd: Stuart King 3rd: Mark Isherwood For Donnie/Knuckles:1st: Mark Isherwood 2nd: Ben Wheeler 3rd: Ben Evans For Francine: Gemma Whitelam 2nd: Lucinda Gill For Mary: 1st Lucinda Gill 2nd: Gemma Whitelam For Lorraine: 1st Lucinda Gill 2nd: Gemma Whitelam (Written by "Understudies (Guest)", 30th October 2013)

Have seen this show on several occasions. There are only two Frankies that have been able to consistently perform to a West End standard Firstly Ryan Malloy who has been the Principle lead from the beginning and Ben Jennings who has been head and shoulders above all the other understudies and is the only one who moves on stage properly. I should also add that Jon Lee has a great falsetto appears a nice guy but does not sound like Valli. If Ryan leaves when the show moves theatre, I personally think giving the lead to someone who whilst looking like Valli, cannot sustain the vocal requirement will lead to the show closing prematurely. (Written by "guest (Guest)", 31st October 2013)

Ben Jennings plus Michael watson share the role of first cover Frankie Valli this currant cast. Not how it's printed in the programe. (Written by "Fan of theatre (Guest)", 31st October 2013)

Saw Michael Watson perform as Frankie when Ryan was away. Not in Ryan's league I'm afraid. Stronge rumour that Micheal is to be the new principle Frankie when the show moves. I will give it six months!!! (Written by "david (Guest)", 5th February 2014)

Jly is an amazing Frankie! Better actor than singer for me. Not in Ryan's class! Also seen Michael Watson. Is this the best they can do?! Seen many many better actors and singers play this part. Can't see the show lasting unless it picks good singers!! (Written by "Tina (Guest)", 6th April 2014)

Last jersey boys show for me! Have seen every Frankie over the last 6 years. Sadly the shows seems to be casting on look rather than talent this year! I know you go to a show because you like it but why go when you have seen quality performers play a role. Only to find the new lead just isn't quite as good as they should be for the same price for top tickets. End of an era when Ryan Molloy left! (Written by "Chris (Guest)", 28th April 2014)

Another below standard Frankie! This part needs a great Frankie which is not what the show is delivering at the moment with the new cast! Seen both Michael and sandy in the last month who are just not up to the mark. Michael has been polished compared to last year but still not the quality we have seen before. Very disappointed in sandy who doesn't appear to be able to maintain any level in falsetto. This is not the show I want to see anymore. (Written by "Kim (Guest)", 8th May 2014)

Shows certainly change when they have a few years under their belts. Not the show it was it terms of top quality performers! Very mediocre Frankie performances from Michael and sandy! What has happened to the other covers I saw last year? So if you want a so so show go. If you want something with real star leads I would go somewhere else! (Written by "Tom (Guest)", 11th May 2014)

Very disappointed to find Ryan Molloy or Ben Jennings not playing the lead this year. Saw them many times last year both were out of this world vocally! Saw Sandy Moffat who was good but not in the other guys level. Not a bad singer in parts. Not right for this high standard of singing. Still liked the show but will not be going as often now. (Written by "Karen (Guest)", 28th May 2014)

Superb show with superb music! Michael Watson was not a bad Frankie. Have witness vocally better actors in this role. It's not that he couldn't do it was just not fantastic! (Written by "Jill (Guest)", 11th June 2014)

Not much improvement in the Frankie's since cast change! Really miss just how good this show was in previous years! Hope there is a big shake up next year! (Written by "Guest", 1st September 2014)

Absolutely loved the show, thought the cast were brilliant especially Michael Watson + Jon Braydon. Fantastic to see it again. (Written by "Michelle (guest) (Guest)", 19th April 2015)

Ben Jennings is the Frankie! Absolutely brilliant performance from this actor once again! So much better than anyone else I have seen in this part. Voice perfect! (Written by "Bobbie (Guest)", 19th October 2016)