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Reviews of The Phantom of the Opera

The best musical ever! Fantastic songs, emotional performances and excellent dance choreography! (Written by "Guest", 1st July 2006)

Loved it!!! I was obsessed with the movie before I went, and now I'm more obsessed than ever!!! Going back with my friend in September, so excited!!! (Written by "star2be", 30th July 2006)

Without a doubt the best musical I have ever seen. If you are wondering whether to go and see it, do it now! The cast is fantastic and the music is beautiful! I cannot fault this show! (Written by "Jennifer (Guest)", 3rd June 2008)

I love this cast!!! Gina is an amazing Christine and Ramin is an amazing Phantom, with Simon the most brilliant Raoul ever. Defo the best cast ever and am defo goin back! (Written by "Harry D (Guest)", 5th November 2008)

When I saw Phantom last Saturday I was kinda sad that Ramin was off. But Nic made up for it easily. He was stunning. And Simon a very strong Raoul. Gina IMHO the best Christine I ever saw in London. Hope they stay in the show after the cast change. (Written by "Maria (Guest)", 5th April 2009)

Well done to Ramin - you have done very well as the Phantom! (Written by "Tom Hanna (Guest)", 3rd May 2009)

This was a birthday treat from my daughter. I cannot seem to put into words what this show did to me, but when I came out I was shaking. At the age of 65 I did not know that anything could affect me like this! It was the most enjoyable performance I have ever seen. Thank you to all who performed. (Written by "June King (Guest)", 7th June 2009)

Current Understudies For Phantom: 1st Jeremy Secomb For Christine: 1st Ashleigh Flemming For Raoul: 1st: Antony Hansen 2nd: Richard Munday For Charlotta: 1st: 1st Fiona Finsbury 2nd: Janet Fischer For Firmin: 1st: Duncan Smith 2nd: Hadrian Delacy For Andre: 1st: Tim Laurenti 2nd: Philip Griffiths For Madame Giry: 1st: Shena Sanders 2nd: Meshell Dixon For Piangi: 1st Marc Vastenavondt 2nd: Ben Morris For Meg: 1st: Layla Harrison 2nd: Anna Shircliff (Written by "Michael (Guest)", 23rd October 2013)