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I went to see Blood Brothers Matinee on Saturday 5th December 2009. I didn't really know the story but absolutely LOVED it. Mel C was fabulous as well as the rest of the cast. I cried twice but walked out wanting to go right back in and see it again. The actor that played the Narrator was perfect and very sexy!! (Written by "Denise Brown (Guest)", 6th Dec 2009)

I am a fan of this show and it does not matter if I see it more than once. (Written by "Thomas Hanna (Guest)", 10th Jun 2008)

Went to see Blood Brothers with my school on Thursday. LOVED IT!!!!! Sobbed my heart out during last song, despite my friends laughing at me! Would jump at the chance of seeing it again! (Written by "star2be", 27th May 2006)

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