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Big Fish The Musical

Original cast
Kelsey Grammer - Edward Bloom (Principal)
Clare Burt - Sandra Bloom (Principal)
Matthew Seadon-Young - Will Bloom (Principal)
Frances McNamee - Josephine (Principal)
Landi Oshinowo - Witch/Jenny Hill (Principal)
Forbes Masson - Amos/Don (Principal)
Dean Nolan - Karl (Principal)
Jamie Muscato - Story Edward (Principal)
Tanisha Spring - Story Jenny (Principal)
Laura Baldwin - Story Sandra (Principal)
George Ure - Zacky (Principal)
Jonathan Stewart - Dr. Bennett/Mayor (Principal)
Sophie Linder-Lee - Mermaid/Librarian (Principal)
Gemma McMeel - Peggy/Girl With Cat (Principal)

Billy Barratt - Boy (Child role)
Jaxon Knopf - Boy (Child role)
Colby Mulgrew - Boy (Child role)


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