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Dirty Dancing

Original cast
Georgina Rich - Frances 'Baby' Houseman (Principal)
Josef Brown - Johnny Castle (Principal)
David Rintoul - Dr Jake Houseman (Principal)
Helen Grace - Marjorie Houseman (Principal)
Issy Van Randwyck - Marjorie Houseman (Principal)
Isabella Calthorpe - Lisa Houseman (Principal)
Nadia Coote - Penny Johnson (Principal)
Nigel Williams - Max Kellerman (Principal)
Rae Baker - Vivian Pressman (Principal)
Billy Boyle - Mr Schumacher (Principal)
Richard Dempsey - Neil Kellerman (Principal)
Simon Greiff - Neil Kellerman (Principal)
Jason Griffiths - Moe Pressman (Principal)
Richard Lloyd King - Tito Suarez (Principal)
Tommie Earl Jenkins - Tito Suarez (Standby)
Chris Holland - Billy Kostecki (Principal)
Ben Mingay - Billy Kostecki (Principal)
Richard Lawrence - Robbie Gould (Principal)
Brian Saccente - Stan (Principal)
Ursula Smith - Mrs Schumacher (Principal)

Yaa ? - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Lucy Banfield - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Ian Banham - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Sarah Bowden - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Dan Burton - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Arielle Campbell - Swing (Ensemble)
Shonagh Daly - Elizabeth/Featured Ensemble (Ensemble)
David Erik - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Shimi Goodman - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Ashley Hale - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Helen Harper - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Victoria Hinde - Swing (Ensemble)
Chris Holland - Jordan/Featured Ensemble (Ensemble)
Trevor Jary - Jordan/Featured Ensemble (Ensemble)
Melissa Keyes - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Paul Kitson - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Richard Leeson - Swing (Ensemble)
Bradley Madison - Swing (Ensemble)
Chris Andrew Mellon - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Tom Mellor - Swing (Ensemble)
William Peaco Jnr - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Tanya Perera - Swing (Ensemble)
Stephanie Powell - Swing (Ensemble)
Eve Prideaux - Swing (Ensemble)
Dennis Victory - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Emma Woods - Ensemble (Ensemble)



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