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Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Original cast
Robert Lindsay - Lawrence Jameson (Principal)
Alex Gaumond - Freddy Benson (Principal)
Rufus Hound - Freddy Benson (Principal)
Katherine Kingsley - Christine Colgate (Principal)
Samantha Bond - Muriel Eubanks (Principal)
Bonnie Langford - Muriel Eubanks (Principal)
Ben Fox - Andre Thibault (Principal)
John Marquez - Andre Thibault (Principal)
Gary Wilmot - Andre Thibault (Principal)

Gavin Alex - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Darren Bennett - Gerard/Nikos (Ensemble)
Niamh Bracken - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Lisa Bridge - Usherette (Ensemble)
Darren Carnall - Swing (Ensemble)
Andy Conaghan - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Lizzy Connolly - Jolene (Ensemble)
Phoebe Coupe - Swing (Ensemble)
Claire Doyle - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Alice Fearn - Renee (Ensemble)
Selina Hamilton - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Ian Knauer - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Lisa Mathieson - Swing (Ensemble)
Zak Nemorin - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Geneviéve Nicole - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Javier Santos - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Todd Talbot - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Dominic Tribuzio - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Jon Tsouras - Swing (Ensemble)
Zara Warren - Ensemble (Ensemble)

Lawrence Jameson (1st cover) - Darren Bennett
Lawrence Jameson (2nd cover) - Ian Knauer
Freddy Benson (1st cover) - Andy Conaghan
Freddy Benson (2nd cover) - Gavin Alex
Christine Colgate (1st cover) - Alice Fearn
Christine Colgate (2nd cover) - Lisa Bridge
Muriel Eubanks (1st cover) - Alice Fearn
Muriel Eubanks (2nd cover) - Geneviéve Nicole
Andre Thibault (1st cover) - Darren Bennett
Andre Thibault (2nd cover) - Ian Knauer
Jolene (1st cover) - Zara Warren
Jolene (2nd cover) - Geneviéve Nicole


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Site Status for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels:
18th Jan 2015: Closes at the Savoy theatre on 7th March 2015.
27th Mar 2014: Added complete cast. Opens on 2nd April.