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Jersey Boys

Current cast (from 10th March 2015)
Michael Watson - Frankie Valli (Principal)
Sandy Moffat - Frankie Valli (Alternate)
Edd Post - Bob Gaudio (Principal)
Gary Watson - Nick Massi (Principal)
Jon Boydon - Tommy DeVito (Principal)

Simon Adkins - Bob Crewe (Ensemble)
Nicola Brazil - Mary Delgado (Ensemble)
Matthew Cutts - Gyp DeCarlo (Ensemble)
Stuart Dawes - Knuckles/Donnie (Ensemble)
Lucinda Gill - Swing (Ensemble)
Thomas Goodridge - Barry (Ensemble)
Nicky Griffiths - Lorraine (Ensemble)
Matthew Hunt - Norm Waxman (Ensemble)
Mark Isherwood - Swing (Ensemble)
Charlotte Jeffery - Swing (Ensemble)
Ben Jennings - Swing (Ensemble)
Joseph Peters - Hank Majewski (Ensemble)
Chris Stoddart - Swing (Ensemble)
Helen Ternent - Francine (Ensemble)
Matt Thorpe - Joe Pesci (Ensemble)
Ben Wheeler - Swing (Ensemble)

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Brillant show! Came to see Ryan. Got Ben Jennings instead. What can I say! Outstanding!! (Written by "Jo (Guest)", 1st Sep 2012)

First saw jersey boys two years ago .really good show.Cast everything were great! Went a few weeks ago.the lead was played by Michael bad I thought I was watching a different show! This guy can not sing! He struggled to stay in tune with every song off key and flat! Hated it! If this is the quality of west end shows I would rather not pay my hard earned money to watch this drivel! I had taken my friend who had never seen it before. We won't be going back!! (Written by "Maggie (Guest)", 14th Jul 2013)

First time seeing Ben Jennings as Frankie last Tuesday night. Absolutely superb vocals! Very high standard! Great night out.loved it! (Written by "Fan (Guest)", 10th Aug 2013)

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