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The Phantom of the Opera

Current cast (from 1st September 2014)
Geronimo Rauch - Phantom (Principal)
Scott Davies - Phantom (Standby)
Harriet Jones - Christine Daaé (Principal)
Emmi Christensson - Christine Daaé (Alternate)
Liam Connor Tamne - Raoul (Principal)
Andy Hockley - Monsieur Firmin (Principal)
Martin Ball - Monsieur André (Principal)
Lara Martins - Carlotta Guidicelli (Principal)
John Ellis - Ubaldo Piangi (Principal)
Jacinta Mulcahy - Madame Giry (Principal)
Alicia Beck - Meg Giry (Principal)

Zoe Arshamian - The Ballet Chorus of the Opera Populaire (Ensemble)
Emma Barr - Swing (Ensemble)
Kieran Brown - Swing (Ensemble)
Joseph Claus - Hairdresser (Ensemble)
Joseph Claus - Passarino (Ensemble)
Hadrian Delacey - Joseph Buquet (Ensemble)
Meshell Dillon - Page (Don Juan Triumphant) (Ensemble)
Fiona Finsbury - Confidante (Il Muto) (Ensemble)
David Francis - Jeweller (Il Muto) (Ensemble)
David Francis - Slavemaster (Ensemble)
Lyndsey Gardiner - Wild Woman (Hannibal) (Ensemble)
Ryan Goscinski - Porter (Ensemble)
Philip Griffiths - Auctioneer (Ensemble)
Philip Griffiths - Monsieur Reyer (Ensemble)
Layla Harrison - The Ballet Chorus of the Opera Populaire (Ensemble)
Lizzie Holmes - Page (Don Juan Triumphant) (Ensemble)
Daisy Hulbert - The Ballet Chorus of the Opera Populaire (Ensemble)
Ellen Jackson - Wardrobe Mistress (Ensemble)
Tim Laurenti - Monsieur Lefévre (Ensemble)
Leo Miles - Swing (Ensemble)
Tim Morgan - Don Attilio (Il Muto) (Ensemble)
Tim Morgan - Fire Chief (Ensemble)
Fiona Morley - The Ballet Chorus of the Opera Populaire (Ensemble)
Richard Munday - Policeman in the Pit (Ensemble)
Joanna O'Hare - Swing (Ensemble)
Simon Rackley - Slavemaster (Ensemble)
Shena Sanders - Madame Firmin (Ensemble)
Oliver Savile - Soldier (Hannibal) (Ensemble)
Danielle Stephens - The Ballet Chorus of the Opera Populaire (Ensemble)
Claire Tilling - The Ballet Chorus of the Opera Populaire (Ensemble)
Georgia Ware - The Ballet Chorus of the Opera Populaire (Ensemble)
Lisa-Anne Wood - Bride in Mirror (Ensemble)
Colin Zammit - Swing (Ensemble)


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Current Understudies For Phantom: 1st Jeremy Secomb For Christine: 1st Ashleigh Flemming For Raoul: 1st: Antony Hansen 2nd: Richard Munday For Charlotta: 1st: 1st Fiona Finsbury 2nd: Janet Fischer For Firmin: 1st: Duncan Smith 2nd: Hadrian Delacy For Andre: 1st: Tim Laurenti 2nd: Philip Griffiths For Madame Giry: 1st: Shena Sanders 2nd: Meshell Dixon For Piangi: 1st Marc Vastenavondt 2nd: Ben Morris For Meg: 1st: Layla Harrison 2nd: Anna Shircliff (Written by "Michael (Guest)", 23rd Oct 2013)

Loved it!!! I was obsessed with the movie before I went, and now I'm more obsessed than ever!!! Going back with my friend in September, so excited!!! (Written by "star2be", 30th Jul 2006)

When I saw Phantom last Saturday I was kinda sad that Ramin was off. But Nic made up for it easily. He was stunning. And Simon a very strong Raoul. Gina IMHO the best Christine I ever saw in London. Hope they stay in the show after the cast change. (Written by "Maria (Guest)", 5th Apr 2009)

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