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White Christmas

Original cast
Aled Jones - Bob Wallace (Principal)
Tom Chambers - Phil Davis (Principal)
Wendi Peters - Martha (Principal)
Graham Cole - General Waverley (Principal)
Rachel Stanley - Betty Haynes (Principal)
Louise Bowden - Judy Haynes (Principal)

Karen Aspinall - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Michelle Bishop - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Emma Caffrey - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Matthew Cheney - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Matthew Clark - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Phil Cole - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Brendan Cull - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Vicki Davids - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Jennifer Davison - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Lori Haley Fox - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Jonathan Halliwell - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Grace Holdstock - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Jonny Labey - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Lucinda Lawrence - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Joshua Lay - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Ross McLaren - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Gary Murphy - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Eddie Myles - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Helen Patching - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Hayley Reed - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Vikki Marie Ryan - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Anthony Whiteman - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Stuart Winter - Ensemble (Ensemble)

Tatum Confrey - Susan (Child role)
Sophia Pettet - Susan (Child role)
Emily Robins - Susan (Child role)
Amy Snudden - Susan (Child role)


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Site Status for White Christmas:
27th Nov 2014: Added complete cast. Runs at the Dominion theatre until 3rd January 2015.