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Woman in White

Original cast
Maria Friedman - Marian Halcombe (Principal)
Anthony Andrews - Count Fosco (Principal)
Michael Ball - Count Fosco (Principal)
Michael Crawford - Count Fosco (Principal)
Jill Paice - Laura Fairlie (Principal)
Martin Crewes - Walter Hartright (Principal)
Angela Christian - Anne Catherick (Principal)
Oliver Darley - Sir Percival Glyde (Principal)
Edward Petherbridge - Mr Fairlie (Principal)

Nicky Adams - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Eoin Cannon - Swing (Ensemble)
Gregory Clarke - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Elinor Collett - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Christopher Connah - Swing (Ensemble)
Adrian Der Gregorian - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Susie Fenwick - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Helen George - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Mark Goldthorp - Ensemble (Ensemble)
John Griffiths - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Andrew Keelan - Swing (Ensemble)
Paul Kemble - Swing (Ensemble)
Joanna Kirkland - Swing (Ensemble)
Jo Napthine - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Vince Pirillo - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Vince Pirillo - Signalman (Ensemble)
Yvette Robinson - Swing (Ensemble)
James Spilling - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Steve Varnom - Ensemble (Ensemble)

Sophie Catherside - Corn Dolly Girl (Child role)
Alexandra Knapp - Corn Dolly Girl (Child role)
Freya Turton - Corn Dolly Girl (Child role)
Leah Verity White - Corn Dolly Girl (Child role)
Sydney White - Corn Dolly Girl (Child role)

Marian Halcombe (1st cover) - Nicky Adams
Marian Halcombe (2nd cover) - Yvette Robinson
Count Fosco (1st cover) - Steve Varnom
Count Fosco (1st cover) - Steve Varnom
Count Fosco (2nd cover) - John Griffiths
Laura Fairlie (1st cover) - Helen George
Laura Fairlie (2nd cover) - Joanna Kirkland
Walter Hartright (1st cover) - Adrian Der Gregorian
Walter Hartright (2nd cover) - Eoin Cannon
Anne Catherick (1st cover) - Elinor Collett
Anne Catherick (2nd cover) - Yvette Robinson
Sir Percival Glyde (1st cover) - James Spilling
Sir Percival Glyde (2nd cover) - Mark Goldthorp
Mr Fairlie (1st cover) - John Griffiths
Mr Fairlie (2nd cover) - Christopher Connah
Signalman (1st cover) - Paul Kemble
Signalman (2nd cover) - Andrew Keelan



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