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Current cast (from 5th June 2017)
Matthew Croke - Aladdin (Principal)
Trevor Dion Nicholas - Genie (Principal)
Jade Ewen - Jasmine (Principal)
Oliver Lidert - Genie (Standby)
Don Gallagher - Jafar (Principal)
Cavin Cornwall - Jafar (Standby)
Nick Cavaliere - Iago (Principal)
Irvine Iqbal - Sultan (Principal)
Cavin Cornwall - Sultan (Standby)
Oliver Lidert - Sultan (Standby)
Leon Craig - Babkak (Principal)
Oliver Lidert - Babkak (Standby)
Miles Barrow - Omar (Principal)
Daniel de Bourg - Kassim (Principal)

Chanelle Anthony - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Danny Becker - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Cindy Belliot - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Albey Brookes - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Lauren Chia - Swing (Ensemble)
Filippo Coffano - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Bianca Cordice - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Cavin Cornwall - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Nolan Edwards - Swing (Ensemble)
Melanie Elizabeth - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Kade Luigi Ferraiolo - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Antony Hewitt - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Sinead Kenny - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Travis Kerry - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Dann Kharsa - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Mitch Leow - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Oliver Lidert - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Richard Murphy - Swing (Ensemble)
Ian Oswald - Swing (Ensemble)
Tarisha Rommick - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Kyle Seeley - Swing (Ensemble)
Sadie-Jean Shirley - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Katie Singh - Swing (Ensemble)
Ricardo Spriggs - Swing (Ensemble)
Joshua Steel - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Monica Swayne - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Kayleigh Thadani - Swing (Ensemble)
Damien Winchester - Swing (Ensemble)
Niko Wirachman - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Jermaine Woods - Ensemble (Ensemble)

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Site Status for Aladdin:
27th Mar 2018: Updated current cast list.
23rd Oct 2015: The Disney musical starts previews at the Prince Edward theatre from 27th May 2016.