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Betty Blue Eyes

Original cast
Sarah Lancashire - Joyce Chilvers (Principal)
Reece Shearsmith - Gilbert Chilvers (Principal)
David Bamber - Dr James Swaby (Principal)
Jack Edwards - Henry Allardyce (Principal)
Ann Emery - Mother Dear (Principal)
Mark Meadows - Francis Lockwood (Principal)
Adrian Scarborough - Inspector Wormold (Principal)

Rachel Archer - Mrs Turnbull/Mrs Tilbrook (Ensemble)
James Barron - Mr Metcalf/Hotel Manager (Ensemble)
Dan Burton - Barraclough/Prince Philip (Ensemble)
Ian Conningham - Sergeant Noble/Voice of Movietone (Ensemble)
Neil Ditt - Reg Bowen Handyman (Ensemble)
Victoria Hay - Swing (Ensemble)
Kirsty Hoiles - Mrs Allardyce (Ensemble)
Christopher Howell - Farmer Sutcliffe/Arthur Cunliffe (Ensemble)
Howard Jones - Swing (Ensemble)
Robert Kershaw - Swing (Ensemble)
Rebecca Louis - Swing (Ensemble)
Andy Mace - Nuttall (Ensemble)
Claire Machin - Mrs Metcalf/Billy Carrol's Trio (Ensemble)
Laura Medforth - Mrs Lockwood/Billy Carroll's Trio (Ensemble)
Annalisa Rossi - Mrs Roach/Kitt/Princess Elizabeth (Ensemble)
Holly Dale Spencer - Swing (Ensemble)
Holly Taylor - Veronica (Ensemble)
Gemma Wardle - Mrs Lester/Billy Carroll's Trio (Ensemble)

Joyce Chilvers (1st cover) - Kirsty Hoiles
Joyce Chilvers (2nd cover) - Gemma Wardle
Gilbert Chilvers (1st cover) - Neil Ditt
Gilbert Chilvers (2nd cover) - Dan Burton
Dr James Swaby (1st cover) - James Barron
Dr James Swaby (2nd cover) - Christopher Howell
Henry Allardyce (1st cover) - Christopher Howell
Henry Allardyce (2nd cover) - Howard Jones
Mother Dear (1st cover) - Claire Machin
Mother Dear (2nd cover) - Rebecca Louis
Francis Lockwood (1st cover) - Dan Burton
Francis Lockwood (2nd cover) - Andy Mace
Inspector Wormold (1st cover) - Andy Mace
Inspector Wormold (2nd cover) - James Barron

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Site Status for Betty Blue Eyes:
29th Mar 2011: Updated original cast, which started previews on 19th March.
25th Nov 2010: The new Cameron Mackintosh musical starts previews at the Novello theatre on 19th March 2011.