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Beautiful - the Carole King Musical

Original cast
Katie Brayben - Carole King (Principal)
Alan Morrissey - Gerry Goffin (Principal)
Lorna Want - Cynthia Weil (Principal)
Ian McIntosh - Barry Mann (Principal)
Glynis Barber - Genie Klein (Principal)
Gary Trainor - Don Kirshner (Principal)

Vivien Carter - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Andy Coxon - Swing (Ensemble)
Ed Currie - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Jason Denton - Swing (Ensemble)
Michael Anthony Duke - Swing (Ensemble)
Joel Harper-Jackson - Swing (Ensemble)
Rosie Heath - Swing (Ensemble)
Aisha Jawando - Swing (Ensemble)
Hannah Jay-Allan - Swing (Ensemble)
Oliver Lidert - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Leigh Lothian - Swing (Ensemble)
Fela Lufadeju - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Tanya Nicole-Edwards - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Terel Nugent - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Jay Perry - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Tanisha Spring - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Lucy St Louis - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Danielle Steers - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Dylan Turner - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Joanna Woodward - Ensemble (Ensemble)

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Understudies: For Carole King: 1st Joanna Woodward 2nd: Vivien Carter For Gerry Goffin 1st: Dylan Turner 2nd: Joel Harper Jackson For Barry Mann 1st: Andy Coxton 2nd: Joel Harper Jackson For Cynthia Weil: 1st: Vivien Carter 2nd: Rosie Heath For Genie Klein 1st: Vivien Carter 2nd: Leigh Lothian For Donnie Krishner 1st: Ed Currie 2nd: Joel Harper Jackson (Written by "Michael (Guest)", 14th Oct 2015)

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Site Status for Beautiful - the Carole King Musical:
20th Feb 2017: Updated current cast list.
22nd Dec 2014: Starts previews from 10th February 2015 at the Aldwych theatre.