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The Bodyguard

Original cast
Heather Headley - Rachel Marron (Principal)
Gloria Onitiri - Rachel Marron (Alternate)
Gloria Onitiri - Rachel Marron (Stand-in)
Lloyd Owen - Frank Farmer (Principal)
Debbie Kurup - Nicki Marron (Principal)
Mark Letheren - The Stalker (Principal)
Ray Shell - Bill Devaney (Principal)
Nicolas Colicos - Tony (Principal)
Mark McKerracher - Herb Farmer (Principal)
Sean Chapman - Sy Spector (Principal)
David Page - Rory (Principal)
Oliver Le Sueur - Ray Court (Principal)

Gareth Andrews - Swing (Ensemble)
Nigel Barber - Swing (Ensemble)
Jordan Darrell - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Yasmin Harrison - Swing (Ensemble)
Shanay Holmes - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Holly James - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Robert Jezek - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Melissa Keyes - Swing (Ensemble)
Gil Kolirin - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Janet Kumah - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Nicholas Maude - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Richard Murphy - Swing (Ensemble)
Ashley-Jordon Packer - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Dharmesh Patel - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Lucinda Shaw - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Paul Smethurst - Swing (Ensemble)
Charlotte Watts - Swing (Ensemble)
James Wooldridge - Ensemble (Ensemble)

Luis Buddy - Fletcher (Child role)
Caius Duncombe - Fletcher (Child role)
Kwame Kandekore - Fletcher (Child role)
Jaydon Fowora Knight - Fletcher (Child role)
Taylor Lockhart - Fletcher (Child role)
Michael Matias - Fletcher (Child role)
Malaki Paul - Fletcher (Child role)
Joshua-James Thomas - Fletcher (Child role)

Rachel Marron (1st cover) - Shanay Holmes
Rachel Marron (2nd cover) - Janet Kumah
Frank Farmer (1st cover) - Oliver Le Sueur
Frank Farmer (2nd cover) - Nicholas Maude
Nicki Marron (1st cover) - Janet Kumah
Nicki Marron (2nd cover) - Holly James
The Stalker (1st cover) - James Wooldridge
The Stalker (2nd cover) - David Page
Bill Devaney (1st cover) - Robert Jezek
Bill Devaney (2nd cover) - Nigel Barber
Tony (1st cover) - Gil Kolirin
Tony (2nd cover) - Robert Jezek
Herb Farmer (1st cover) - Nigel Barber
Herb Farmer (2nd cover) - Robert Jezek
Sy Spector (1st cover) - Robert Jezek
Sy Spector (2nd cover) - Nicholas Maude
Rory (1st cover) - Richard Munday
Rory (2nd cover) - Paul Smethurst
Ray Court (1st cover) - Nicholas Maude
Ray Court (2nd cover) - James Wooldridge

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Site Status for The Bodyguard:
2nd May 2014: Alexandra Burke joins as Rachel Marron on 2nd June. Show closes on 30th August 2014.
16th Sep 2013: New cast from 9th September.
22nd Jul 2013: Updated current cast list.