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Original cast
Toby Spence - Candide (Principal)
Marnie Breckenridge - Cunegonde (Principal)
Anna Christy - Cunegonde (Principal)
Alex Jennings - Doctor Pangloss/Voltaire (Principal)
Beverley Klein - The Old Woman (Principal)
Robert Chafin - Grand Inquisitor (Principal)
Mairead Burke - Paquette (Principal)
Mark Stone - Maximillian (Principal)
Ferlyn Brass - Cacambo (Principal)

Adrian Brand - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Simon Butteriss - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Graeme Danby - Ensemble (Ensemble)
James Glenister - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Graeme Lauren - Ensemble (Ensemble)


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Site Status for Candide:
6th Jun 2008: Added complete cast of Candide, which opens on 23rd June 2008 at the London Coliseum.