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Crazy For You

Original cast
Sean Palmer - Bobby Child (Principal)
Clare Foster - Polly Baker (Principal)
Kim Medcalf - Irene Roth (Principal)
Harriet Thorpe - Lottie Child/Patricia Fodor (Principal)
Amy Griffiths - Irene Roth (Stand-in)
Michael McKell - Lank Hawkins (Principal)
David Burt - Bela Zangler (Principal)
Rachel Stanley - Tess (Principal)
Alexis Owen Hobbs - Patsy (Principal)
Amy Ellen Richardson - Patsy (Principal)
Samuel Holmes - Perkins/Jimmy/Eugene Fodor (Principal)
Sidney Livingstone - Everett Baker (Principal)

Lucy Anderson - Louise (Ensemble)
Michelle Andrews - Swing (Ensemble)
Jessica Buckby - Betsy (Ensemble)
Stuart Dawes - Swing (Ensemble)
Cara Elston - Mitzi (Ensemble)
Charlene Ford - Elaine (Ensemble)
Joanna Goodwin - Margie (Ensemble)
Amy Griffiths - Susie (Ensemble)
Richard Jones - Junior/Swing (Ensemble)
Joshua Lacey - Wyatt (Ensemble)
Joshua Lay - Swing (Ensemble)
Jo Morris - Vera/On Stage Swing (Ensemble)
Harry Morrison - Sam (Ensemble)
James O'Connell - Billy (Ensemble)
Pippa Raine - Mitzi (Ensemble)
Pippa Raine - Patsy (Ensemble)
Carl Sanderson - Moose (Ensemble)
Phil Snowden - Pete (Ensemble)
Holly Dale Spencer - Swing (Ensemble)
Stephen Whitson - Mingo (Ensemble)

Bobby Child (1st cover) - James O'Connell
Bobby Child (2nd cover) - Joshua Lay
Polly Baker (1st cover) - Cara Elston
Polly Baker (1st cover) - Holly Dale Spencer
Polly Baker (2nd cover) - Holly Dale Spencer
Irene Roth (1st cover) - Lucy Anderson
Irene Roth (1st cover) - Amy Griffiths
Irene Roth (2nd cover) - Lucy Anderson
Lottie Child/Patricia Fodor (1st cover) - Cara Elston
Lottie Child/Patricia Fodor (1st cover) - Rachel Stanley
Lottie Child/Patricia Fodor (2nd cover) - Amy Griffiths
Lank Hawkins (1st cover) - Stephen Whitson
Lank Hawkins (2nd cover) - Joshua Lacey
Bela Zangler (1st cover) - Carl Sanderson
Bela Zangler (2nd cover) - Samuel Holmes
Tess (1st cover) - Joanna Goodwin
Tess (2nd cover) - Holly Dale Spencer
Patsy (1st cover) - Lucy Anderson
Patsy (2nd cover) - Charlene Ford
Perkins/Jimmy/Eugene Fodor (1st cover) - Richard Jones
Perkins/Jimmy/Eugene Fodor (2nd cover) - Joshua Lay
Everett Baker (1st cover) - Phil Snowden
Everett Baker (2nd cover) - Stuart Dawes

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