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Current cast (from 20th November 2017)
Moya Angela - Effie Melody White (Principal)
Karen Mav - Effie Melody White (Principal)
Marisha Wallace - Effie Melody White (Principal)
Durone Stokes - C.C White (Principal)
Tosh Wanogho-Maud - Jimmy (Principal)
Delroy Brown - Marty (Principal)
Joe Aaron Reid - Curtis Taylor Jnr (Principal)
Brennyn Lark - Deena (Principal)
Asmeret Ghebremichael - Lorrell (Principal)
Kimmy Edwards - Michelle Morris (Principal)

Michael Afemare - Swing (Ensemble)
Callum Aylott - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Georgia Bradshaw - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Jabari Braham - Swing (Ensemble)
Ashford Campbell - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Sanchia Amber Clarke - Swing (Ensemble)
Nicole Raquel Dennis - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Nicole Deon - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Rhiane Drummond - Swing (Ensemble)
Ashlee Irish - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Emma Louise Jones - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Ashley Lloyd - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Samira Mighty - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Jayde Nelson - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Aston New - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Sean Parkins - Swing (Ensemble)
Kirk Patterson - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Rohan Pinnock - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Ryan Reid - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Rohan Richards - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Joshua Robinson - Swing (Ensemble)

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