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From Here to Eternity

Original cast
Darius Campbell - First Sergeant Milt Warden (Principal)
Siubhan Harrison - Lorene (Principal)
Robert Lonsdale - Private Robert E. Lee Prewitt (Principal)
Ryan Sampson - Private Angelo Maggio (Principal)
Rebecca Thornhill - Karen Holmes (Principal)

Christine Allado - New Congress Club Trio (Ensemble)
Marc Antolin - Private/Friday/Clark (Ensemble)
Julie Armstrong - Mrs Kipfer (Ensemble)
James Ballanger - Private (Ensemble)
Keisha Amponsa Banson - New Congress Club Trio (Ensemble)
John Brannoch - Tommy/Private (Ensemble)
Abigail Climer - New Congress Club Girl (Ensemble)
Brian Doherty - Sergeant/Fatso/Judson (Ensemble)
Jessica Ellen - Swing (Ensemble)
Dale Evans - Swing (Ensemble)
Shimi Goodman - Drag Queen/Private (Ensemble)
Kirby Hughes - New Congress Club Girl (Ensemble)
Lauren Ingram - Swing (Ensemble)
Dean John-Wilson - Private (Ensemble)
Joshua Lacey - Private Isaac Bloom (Ensemble)
Carolyn Maitland - New Congress Club Girl (Ensemble)
Martin Marquez - Captain Dana Holmes (Ensemble)
Yiftach Mizrahi - Private/Lieutenant (Ensemble)
Nuno Queimado - Private (Ensemble)
Lucinda Shaw - Sandra/New Congress Club Trio (Ensemble)
Warren Sollars - Company Bugler Anderson (Ensemble)
David Stoller - Sergeant Ike Galovitch (Ensemble)
Rebecca Sutherland - Maureen/New Congress Club Girl (Ensemble)
Laura Tyrer - Billy/New Congress Club Girl (Ensemble)
Lauren Varnham - New Congress Club Girl (Ensemble)
Adam Vaughan - Private (Ensemble)
Stephen Webb - Hal/Private (Ensemble)
Matt Wesley - Swing (Ensemble)


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25th Mar 2014: Closes on 29th March 2014.
15th Sep 2013: Starts previews at the Shaftesbury theatre from 30th September.