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Lend Me A Tenor

Original cast
Damian Humbley - Max Garber (Principal)
Matthew Kelly - Henry Saunders (Principal)
Michael Matus - Tito Merelli (Principal)
Joanna Riding - Maria Merelli (Principal)
Cassidy Janson - Maggie Saunders (Principal)
Sophie-Louise Dann - Diana Divane (Principal)
Michelle Bishop - Opera Guild Lady (Principal)
Jane Quinn - Opera Guild Lady (Principal)
Gay Soper - Opera Guild Lady (Principal)
John Stacey - Bernie Guter (Principal)

Jemma Alexander - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Karen Aspinall - Swing (Ensemble)
Natasha Barnes - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Nick Butcher - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Kelly Chinery - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Sharon Eckman - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Daniel Farrow - Swing (Ensemble)
Andrew Keelan - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Kara Lane - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Connor McAllister - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Haydn Oakley - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Stephen Oliver-Webb - Swing (Ensemble)
Ryan Pidgen - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Jeremy Secombe - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Emma Sewell - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Robert Traynor - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Michelle White - Swing (Ensemble)

Max Garber (1st cover) - Haydn Oakley
Max Garber (2nd cover) - Stephen Oliver-Webb
Henry Saunders (1st cover) - Robert Traynor
Henry Saunders (2nd cover) - John Stacey
Tito Merelli (1st cover) - Jeremy Secombe
Tito Merelli (2nd cover) - Andrew Keelan
Maria Merelli (1st cover) - Jemma Alexander
Maria Merelli (2nd cover) - Jane Quinn
Maggie Saunders (1st cover) - Kelly Chinery
Maggie Saunders (2nd cover) - Natasha Barnes
Diana Divane (1st cover) - Kara Lane
Diana Divane (2nd cover) - Michelle Bishop
Opera Guild Lady 1 & 2 (1st cover) - Sharon Eckman
Opera Guild Lady 1 & 2 (2nd cover) - Emma Sewell
Opera Guild Lady 3 (1st cover) - Kara Lane
Opera Guild Lady 3 (2nd cover) - Karen Aspinall


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Site Status for Lend Me A Tenor:
3rd Aug 2011: The last performance will be on 6th August 2011.
17th Jul 2011: Added complete original cast, which started previews from 2nd June.