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Love Never Dies

Original cast
Ramin Karimloo - The Phantom (Principal)
Sierra Boggess - Christine Daaé (Principal)
Joseph Millson - Raoul (Principal)
Liz Robertson - Madame Giry (Principal)
Summer Strallen - Meg Giry (Principal)
Niamh Perry - Fleck (Principal)
Adam Pearce - Squelch (Principal)
Jami Reid-Quarrell - Gangle (Principal)

Derek Andrews - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Danny Chase - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Dean Chisnall - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Helen Dixon - Swing (Ensemble)
Lucie Downer - Swing (Ensemble)
Paul Farrell - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Charlene Ford - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Chris Gage - Swing (Ensemble)
Celia Graham - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Simon Harvey - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Jack Horner - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Erin Anna Jameson - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Jack Jefferson - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Pip Jordan - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Jessica Kirton - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Louise Madison - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Sally Miller - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Janet Mooney - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Colette Morrow - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Tam Mutu - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Ashley Nottingham - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Tom Oakley - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Rae Piper - Swing (Ensemble)
Mark Skipper - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Jonathan Stewart - Swing (Ensemble)
Lucy Van Gasse - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Tim Walton - Swing (Ensemble)
Annette Yeo - Ensemble (Ensemble)

Jack Blass - Gustave (Child role)
Theo Caplan - Gustave (Child role)
Thomas Celik - Gustave (Child role)
Harry Child - Gustave (Child role)
Nicholas Cornforth - Gustave (Child role)
Daniel Dowling - Gustave (Child role)
Tyler Fagan - Gustave (Child role)
Alexander Hockaday - Gustave (Child role)
Tom Bryan Isaacs - Gustave (Child role)
Richard Linnell - Gustave (Child role)
Charlie Manton - Gustave (Child role)
Harry Polden - Gustave (Child role)
Kaisun Raj - Gustave (Child role)

The Phantom (1st cover) - Tam Mutu
The Phantom (2nd cover) - Derek Andrews
Christine Daaé (1st cover) - Celia Graham
Christine Daaé (2nd cover) - Lucy Van Gasse
Raoul (1st cover) - Dean Chisnall
Raoul (2nd cover) - Tim Walton
Madame Giry (1st cover) - Janet Mooney
Madame Giry (2nd cover) - Annette Yeo
Meg Giry (1st cover) - Jessica Kirton
Meg Giry (2nd cover) - Charlene Ford
Fleck (1st cover) - Louise Madison
Fleck (2nd cover) - Lucie Downer
Squelch (1st cover) - Simon Harvey
Squelch (2nd cover) - Ashley Nottingham
Gangle (1st cover) - Paul Farrell
Gangle (2nd cover) - Jonathan Stewart

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Such an amazing show the cast are superb i have already booked to see it again and carnt wait, i have the songs in my head all the time :D (Written by "Guest", 23rd May 2010)

I have just seen Love Never Dies again my 3rd time it was amazing I even manged to get a tear in my eye . trying to make it my 4th time (Written by "Tom Hanna (Guest)", 23rd Jul 2011)

amazing show with great cast such fantastic devil Take the hindmost (Written by "Tom Hanna (Guest)", 24th Aug 2010)

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