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Love Never Dies

Original cast
Ramin Karimloo - The Phantom (Principal)
Sierra Boggess - Christine Daaé (Principal)
Joseph Millson - Raoul (Principal)
Liz Robertson - Madame Giry (Principal)
Summer Strallen - Meg Giry (Principal)
Niamh Perry - Fleck (Principal)
Adam Pearce - Squelch (Principal)
Jami Reid-Quarrell - Gangle (Principal)

Derek Andrews - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Danny Chase - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Dean Chisnall - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Helen Dixon - Swing (Ensemble)
Lucie Downer - Swing (Ensemble)
Paul Farrell - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Charlene Ford - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Chris Gage - Swing (Ensemble)
Celia Graham - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Simon Harvey - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Jack Horner - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Erin Anna Jameson - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Jack Jefferson - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Pip Jordan - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Jessica Kirton - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Louise Madison - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Sally Miller - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Janet Mooney - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Colette Morrow - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Tam Mutu - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Ashley Nottingham - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Tom Oakley - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Rae Piper - Swing (Ensemble)
Mark Skipper - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Jonathan Stewart - Swing (Ensemble)
Lucy Van Gasse - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Tim Walton - Swing (Ensemble)
Annette Yeo - Ensemble (Ensemble)

Jack Blass - Gustave (Child role)
Theo Caplan - Gustave (Child role)
Thomas Celik - Gustave (Child role)
Harry Child - Gustave (Child role)
Nicholas Cornforth - Gustave (Child role)
Daniel Dowling - Gustave (Child role)
Tyler Fagan - Gustave (Child role)
Alexander Hockaday - Gustave (Child role)
Tom Bryan Isaacs - Gustave (Child role)
Richard Linnell - Gustave (Child role)
Charlie Manton - Gustave (Child role)
Harry Polden - Gustave (Child role)
Kaisun Raj - Gustave (Child role)

The Phantom (1st cover) - Tam Mutu
The Phantom (2nd cover) - Derek Andrews
Christine Daaé (1st cover) - Celia Graham
Christine Daaé (2nd cover) - Lucy Van Gasse
Raoul (1st cover) - Dean Chisnall
Raoul (2nd cover) - Tim Walton
Madame Giry (1st cover) - Janet Mooney
Madame Giry (2nd cover) - Annette Yeo
Meg Giry (1st cover) - Jessica Kirton
Meg Giry (2nd cover) - Charlene Ford
Fleck (1st cover) - Louise Madison
Fleck (2nd cover) - Lucie Downer
Squelch (1st cover) - Simon Harvey
Squelch (2nd cover) - Ashley Nottingham
Gangle (1st cover) - Paul Farrell
Gangle (2nd cover) - Jonathan Stewart

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Such an amazing show the cast are superb i have already booked to see it again and carnt wait, i have the songs in my head all the time :D (Written by "Guest", 23rd May 2010)

amazing show with great cast such fantastic devil Take the hindmost (Written by "Tom Hanna (Guest)", 24th Aug 2010)

I have just seen Love Never Dies again my 3rd time it was amazing I even manged to get a tear in my eye . trying to make it my 4th time (Written by "Tom Hanna (Guest)", 23rd Jul 2011)

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