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Mary Poppins

Original cast
Laura Michelle Kelly - Mary Poppins (Principal)
Gavin Lee - Bert (Principal)
David Haig - George Banks (Principal)
Linzi Hateley - Winifred Banks (Principal)
Rosemary Ashe - Miss Andrew (Principal)
Jenny Galloway - Mrs Brill (Principal)
Julia Sutton - Bird Woman (Principal)
Kevin Williams - Park Keeper (Principal)
Nicola Bowman - Jane Banks (Principal)
Carrie Hope Fletcher - Jane Banks (Principal)
Poppy-Lee Friar - Jane Banks (Principal)
Charlotte Spencer - Jane Banks (Principal)
Faye Spittlehouse - Jane Banks (Principal)
Jake Catterall - Michael Banks (Principal)
Perry Millward - Michael Banks (Principal)
Jack Montgomery - Michael Banks (Principal)
Harry Stott - Michael Banks (Principal)
Ben Watton - Michael Banks (Principal)

Sarah Bayliss - Swing (Ensemble)
Ian Burford - Admiral Bloom (Ensemble)
Ian Burford - Bank chairman (Ensemble)
Gerard Carey - Robertson Ay (Ensemble)
Ashley Day - Swing (Ensemble)
Jye Frasca - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Lewis Greenslade - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Howard Jones - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Sarah Keeton - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Melanie La Barrie - Mrs Corry (Ensemble)
Claire Machin - Miss Lark (Ensemble)
Matthew Malthouse - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Stephen McGlynn - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Tamara McKoy Patterson - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Tim Morgan - Policeman (Ensemble)
Stuart Neal - Neleus (Ensemble)
Zak Nemorin - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Terel Nugent - William (Ensemble)
Lisa O'Hare - Fannie (Ensemble)
Pippa Raine - Swing (Ensemble)
Louisa Shaw - Katie Nanna (Ensemble)
Savannah Stevenson - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Nathan Taylor - Northbrook (Ensemble)
Nathan Taylor - Valentine (Ensemble)
Philip Michael Thomas - Swing (Ensemble)
Poppy Tierney - Annie (Ensemble)
Agnes Vandrepote - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Alan Vicary - Von Hussler (Ensemble)
Emma Woods - Swing (Ensemble)
Andrew Wright - Swing (Ensemble)

Mary Poppins (1st cover) - Poppy Tierney
Mary Poppins (2nd cover) - Lisa O'Hare
Bert (1st cover) - Stephen McGlynn
Bert (2nd cover) - Howard Jones
George Banks (1st cover) - Alan Vicary
George Banks (2nd cover) - Tim Morgan
Winifred Banks (1st cover) - Sarah Keeton
Winifred Banks (2nd cover) - Savannah Stevenson
Miss Andrew (1st cover) - Claire Machin
Miss Andrew (2nd cover) - Louisa Shaw
Mrs Brill (1st cover) - Claire Machin
Mrs Brill (2nd cover) - Sarah Keeton



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Site Status for Mary Poppins:
12th Jan 2008: Mary Poppins has now ended its West End run. Complete cast information from the opening until now, only missing a few understudies.