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Mamma Mia

Current cast (from 8th June 2015)
Gabriella Williams - Sophie Sheridan (Principal)
Dianne Pilkington - Donna Sheridan (Principal)
Shona White - Donna Sheridan (Alternate)
Jo Napthine - Rosie (Principal)
Mazz Murray - Tanya (Principal)
Charles Daish - Bill Austin (Principal)
Alasdair Harvey - Harry Bright (Principal)
Richard Trinder - Sam Carmichael (Principal)
Louise Young - Ali (Principal)
Stephanie Fearon - Lisa (Principal)
Rory Phelan - Eddie (Principal)
James Darch - Sky (Principal)
Dan Partridge - Pepper (Principal)

Craig Anthony-Kelly - Swing (Ensemble)
Tom Bowen - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Adam Clayton-Smith - Swing (Ensemble)
Jasmin Dunlop Colangelo - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Kate Coysten - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Stephen John Davis - Father Alexander (Ensemble)
Katy Day - Swing (Ensemble)
Olivia Kate Holding - Swing (Ensemble)
George Ioannides - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Alex Jordan-Mills - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Sorelle Marsh - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Fergal McGoff - Ensemble (Ensemble)
George Miller - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Stacey Leanne Mills - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Ella Nonini - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Katy Osborne - Swing (Ensemble)
Robbie Scotcher - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Brad Veitch - Swing (Ensemble)
Caitlin Ward - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Sasha Wareham - Swing (Ensemble)
Shona White - Ensemble (Ensemble)


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BRILL MOVIE I LOVE IT SO MUCH (Written by "ELLA (Guest)", 28th Mar 2015)

I saw the show on Broadway in 2009 when it was at the Winter Garden Theatre. me and my mom loved the show and the songs of ABBA. (Written by "Billy (Guest)", 21st Sep 2015)

Understudies Sophie Sheridan (1st cover) - Rosanna Bates Sophie Sheridan (2nd cover) - Brodie Mcbride Sophie Sheridan (3rd cover) - Nikki Mae Donna Sheridan (1st cover) - Shona Whie Donna Sheridan (2nd cover) - Sorelle Marsh Donna Sheridan (3rd cover) - Dawn Buckland Rosie (1st cover) - Dawn Buckland Rosie (2nd cover) - Sorelle Marsh Rosie (3rd cover) - Shona White Tanya (1st cover) - Sorelle Marsh Tanya (2nd cover) - Dawn Buckland Tanya (3rd cover) - Shona White 4th Katy Day Bill Austin (1st cover) - Stephen John Davis Bill Austin (2nd cover) - Matthew Barrow Bill Austin (3rd cover) - Richard Taylor Woods 4th Llyod Green Harry Bright (1st cover) - Matthew Barrow Harry Bright (2nd cover) - Richard Taylor Woods Harry Bright (3rd cover) - Stephen John Davies Sam Carmichael (1st cover) - Richard Taylor Woods Sam Carmichael (2nd cover) - Stephen John Davies Sam Carmichael (3rd cover) - Matthew Barrow Ali (1st cover) - Karina Hind Ali (2nd cover) - Heather Scott-Martin Ali (3rd cover) - Courtney Stapleton Lisa (1st cover) - Nikki Mae Lisa (2nd cover) - Katy Osborne Lisa (3rd cover) - Maria Garrett Eddie (1st cover) - Liam Marcellino Eddie (2nd cover) - Joshua Steel Eddie (3rd cover) - Brad Veitch Sky (1st cover) - Toby-Alexander Gibbs Sky (2nd cover) - James Evans Sky (3rd cover) - Liam Marcellino Pepper (1st cover) - Brad Veitch Pepper (2nd cover) - Joshua Steele Pepper (3rd cover) - Scott Sutcliff Father Alexander (1st cover) - Richard Taylor Woods Father Alexander (2nd cover) - Matthew Barrow Father Alexander (3rd cover) - Toby-Alexander Smith (Written by "Understudies (Guest)", 30th Mar 2015)

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