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Original cast
Declan Bennett - Guy (Principal)
Zrinka Cvitešic - Girl (Principal)
Gabriel Vick - Emcee (Principal)
Valda Aviks - Baruska (Principal)
Aidan Kelly - Billy (Principal)
Michael O’Connor - Da (Principal)
Gareth O’Connor - Eamon (Principal)
Phoebe Fildes - Ex-Girlfriend (Principal)
Ryan Fletcher - Svec (Principal)
Jos Slovick - Andre (Principal)
Jez Unwin - Bank Manager (Principal)
Flora Spencer–Longhurst - Reza (Principal)

Poppy-Lily Baker - Ivanka (Child role)
Emily Beacock - Ivanka (Child role)
Rosanna Beacock - Ivanka (Child role)
Mia–Jai Bryan - Ivanka (Child role)
Pacha Ann Green - Ivanka (Child role)
Nancy Ann Jeans - Ivanka (Child role)
Honey Joyce - Ivanka (Child role)

Walking Understudy (Understudy) - Jamie Cameron
Walking Understudy (Understudy) - Alison Harding
Walking Understudy (Understudy) - David Hunter
Walking Understudy (Understudy) - Katrina Kleve
Walking Understudy (Understudy) - Tim Parker
Walking Understudy (Understudy) - Christina Tedders
Walking Understudy (Understudy) - Alex Turney
Walking Understudy (Understudy) - Stuart Ward
Walking Understudy (Understudy) - Robbie White

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Site Status for Once:
20th Jun 2014: David Hunter and Jill Winternitz took over the roles of Guy and Girl from 12th May. Ronan Keating will join the cast on 17th November.
30th Mar 2014: Updated current cast list. New cast from 10th March.
23rd Jul 2013: Updated current cast list.