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Priscilla Queen of the Desert

Original cast
Jason Donovan - Tick/Mitzi (Principal)
Tony Sheldon - Bernadette/Ralph (Principal)
Oliver Thornton - Adam/Felicia (Principal)
Clive Carter - Bob (Principal)
Zoe Birkett - Diva (Principal)
Kate Gillespie - Diva (Principal)
Emma Lindars - Diva (Principal)
Wezley Sebastian - Miss Understanding (Principal)
Amy Field - Marion (Principal)
Yvette Robinson - Marion (Principal)
Daniele Coombe - Shirley (Principal)
Kanako Nakano - Cynthia (Principal)
Tristan Temple - Jimmy (Principal)
Steven Cleverly - Farrah/Young Bernadette (Principal)
John Brannoch - Frank (Principal)

Phillip Arran - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Matthew Cole - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Amy Edwards - Swing (Ensemble)
Lewis Griffiths - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Bob Harms - Swing (Ensemble)
Mark Inscoe - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Hayley-Jayne Langwith - Swing (Ensemble)
Zabrina Norry - Swing (Ensemble)
William Peaco Jnr - Swing (Ensemble)
John Phoenix - Swing (Ensemble)
James Rees - Swing (Ensemble)
Craig Ryder - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Jeremy Secombe - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Jon Tsouras - Ensemble (Ensemble)

Darius Caple - Benjamin (Child role)
Robert Gain - Benjamin (Child role)
Gene Goodman - Benjamin (Child role)
Ethan Hammer - Benjamin (Child role)
Christopher Miltiadou - Benjamin (Child role)
Harry Polden - Benjamin (Child role)
Cameron Sayers - Benjamin (Child role)
Makenzie Thorpe - Benjamin (Child role)
Red Walker - Benjamin (Child role)

Tick/Mitzi (1st cover) - Craig Ryder
Tick/Mitzi (2nd cover) - Bob Harms
Bernadette/Ralph (1st cover) - Mark Inscoe
Bernadette/Ralph (2nd cover) - Phillip Arran
Adam/Felicia (1st cover) - Matthew Cole
Adam/Felicia (2nd cover) - Jon Tsouras
Bob (1st cover) - Jeremy Secombe
Bob (2nd cover) - Mark Inscoe
Diva (1st cover) - Zabrina Norry
Miss Understanding (1st cover) - Tristan Temple
Miss Understanding (2nd cover) - Steven Cleverly
Marion (1st cover) - Hayley-Jayne Langwith
Marion (2nd cover) - Amy Edwards
Shirley (1st cover) - Zabrina Norry
Shirley (2nd cover) - Hayley-Jayne Langwith
Cynthia (1st cover) - Amy Edwards
Cynthia (2nd cover) - Zabrina Norry
Jimmy (1st cover) - William Peaco Jnr
Jimmy (2nd cover) - Wezley Sebastian
Farrah/Young Bernadette (1st cover) - James Rees
Farrah/Young Bernadette (2nd cover) - John Brannoch
Frank (1st cover) - Craig Ryder
Frank (2nd cover) - Lewis Griffiths

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Have now seen the show twice and loved it both times. Both Tony Sheldon and Oliver Thornton are amazing and steal the show. Jason Donovan is good but considering he is surrounded by some of the most flamboyant drag queens ever to grace the stage he is incredibly wooden and needs to learn the art of 'drag'. There is a massive difference between a man in drag and a true drag queen. That said I would see it again and again as it is amazing. (Written by "Jax (Guest)", 7th Sep 2009)

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