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Singin' in the Rain

Original cast
Adam Cooper - Don Lockwood (Principal)
Daniel Crossley - Cosmo Brown (Principal)
Scarlett Strallen - Kathy Seldon (Principal)
Katherine Kingsley - Lina Lamont (Principal)
Michael Brandon - RF Simpson (Principal)
Robert Powell - RF Simpson (Principal)
Sandra Dickinson - Dora Bailey/Miss Dinsmore (Principal)
Peter Forbes - Roscoe Dexter (Principal)
David Lucas - Production Tenor/Diction Coach (Principal)
Kelly Ewins-Prouse - Olga Mara / Broadway Ballet Girl (Principal)
Ebony Molina - Olga Mara / Broadway Ballet Girl (Principal)
Brendan Cull - Rod (Principal)
Nancy Wei George - Zelda Zanders (Principal)

David Birch - Sid Phillips (Ensemble)
Peter Le Brun - Coffee Vendor (Ensemble)
Danielle Crockford - Swing (Ensemble)
Matthew Croke - Swing (Ensemble)
Jennifer Davison - Production Secretary (Ensemble)
Flora Dawson - Mary Margaret (Ensemble)
Jaye Juliette Elster - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Luke Fetherston - Policeman (Ensemble)
Gemma Fuller - Swing (Ensemble)
Francis Haugen - Workman (Ensemble)
Daniel Ioannou - Swing (Ensemble)
Charlie Martin - Make-up Artist (Ensemble)
Scott Mobley - Clyde (Ensemble)
Gillian Parkhouse - Stripper (Ensemble)
Sherrie Pennington - Lady in Waiting (Ensemble)
Lisa Ritchie - Flirty Girl (Ensemble)
Jack Wilcox - Sam (Ensemble)

Jack Butcher - Young Cosmo (Child role)
Tommy Keeling - Young Cosmo (Child role)
Alex Larder - Young Cosmo (Child role)
Jude Loseby - Young Cosmo (Child role)
Jack Firman Pope - Young Cosmo (Child role)
Redmand Rance - Young Cosmo (Child role)
Joshua Beaney Ford - Young Don (Child role)
Thomas Holmes - Young Don (Child role)
Jamie Kaye - Young Don (Child role)
Richard Linnell - Young Don (Child role)
Callum Wilsher - Young Don (Child role)
Joe Wolstenholme - Young Don (Child role)

Don Lockwood (1st cover) - Francis Haugen
Don Lockwood (2nd cover) - Jack Wilcox
Cosmo Brown (1st cover) - Brendan Cull
Cosmo Brown (2nd cover) - David Birch
Kathy Seldon (1st cover) - Sherrie Pennington
Kathy Seldon (2nd cover) - Lisa Ritchie
Lina Lamont (1st cover) - Ebony Molina
Lina Lamont (2nd cover) - Flora Dawson
RF Simpson (1st cover) - David Birch
RF Simpson (2nd cover) - David Lucas
Dora Bailey/Miss Dinsmore (1st cover) - Jaye Juliette Elster
Dora Bailey/Miss Dinsmore (2nd cover) - Charlie Martin
Roscoe Dexter (1st cover) - Brendan Cull
Roscoe Dexter (2nd cover) - David Birch
Production Tenor/Diction Coach (1st cover) - Luke Fetherston
Production Tenor/Diction Coach (2nd cover) - Francis Haugen
Broadway Ballet Girl (1st cover) - Lisa Ritchie
Broadway Ballet Girl (2nd cover) - Danielle Crockford


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Site Status for Singin' in the Rain:
4th Feb 2013: Updated current cast list. Cast change on 18th February 2012.
15th Dec 2011: Added complete cast, which starts previews at the Palace theatre on 4th February 2012.