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Original cast
Simon Russell Beale - King Arthur (Principal)
Tim Curry - King Arthur (Principal)
Hannah Waddingham - The Lady of the Lake (Principal)
Graham MacDuff - Sir Dennis Galahad/The Black Knight/Prince Herbert's Father (Principal)
Christoper Sieber - Sir Dennis Galahad/The Black Knight/Prince Herbert's Father (Principal)
Tom Goodman-Hill - Sir Lancelot/The French Taunter/Knight of Ni/Tim the Enchanter (Principal)
David Birrell - Patsy/Guard 2/Mayor (Principal)
Robert Hands - Sir Robin/Guard 1/Brother Maynard (Principal)
Darren Southworth - Historian/Not Dead Fred/French Guard/Minstrel/Prince Herbert (Principal)
Tony Timberlake - Sir Bedevere/Dennis’s Mother/Concorde (Principal)

Krystal Archer - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Karen Aspinall - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Ben Clare - Swing (Ensemble)
Brendan Cull - Swing (Ensemble)
Ross Dawes - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Stuart Dawes - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Rachel Dempsey - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Craige Els - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Mark Evans - Swing (Ensemble)
Amy Field - Swing (Ensemble)
Rebecca Giacopazzi - Swing (Ensemble)
Emma Green - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Simon Greiff - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Selina Hamilton - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Amber Neale - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Amy Ellen Richardson - Swing (Ensemble)
Andrew Spillett - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Gavin Staplehurst - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Sebastian Sykes - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Luzahnn Taylor - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Nathan Taylor - Ensemble (Ensemble)

King Arthur/Sir Lancelot/Sir Galahad (1st cover) - Craige Els
The Lady of the Lake (1st cover) - Amy Field
Sir Robin/Prince Herbert/Patsy (1st cover) - Simon Greiff

Went to see Spamalot last Saturday, absolutely hilarious! Stays true to Python and parodies all current and past musicals. A must see show for all lovers of Python and Musicals! (Written by "richard6161", 13th Oct 2006)

I saw Spamalot last Tuesday just on the off chance and absolutely loved it. It's so funny and a joy to watch. It parodies so many musicals - it's quite fun to see if you can spot all the references. It's a brilliant show and I'd recommend it to anyone! (Written by "Rose (Guest)", 8th Apr 2007)

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Site Status for Spamalot:
28th Jun 2008: Updated the new cast, which started on 23rd June. Complete cast with understudies.
3rd Jun 2008: Added the leads in the new cast, starting on 23rd June. Spamalot closes on 3rd January 2009.
4th Feb 2008: Nina Söderquist won the role of Lady of the Lake in the Swedish reality show West End star, and will start on 11th February.
28th Jan 2008: Alan Dale will replace Peter Davidson as King Arthur on 3rd March.
13th Oct 2007: Added understudies in the current cast.
25th Jul 2007: Added ensemble in the new cast.
16th Jul 2007: Added leads in new cast, starting 23rd July 2007.