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Thriller Live

Current cast (from 1st April 2014)
Zoe Birkett - Lead Singer (Principal)
Sean Christopher - Lead Singer (Principal)
Michael Anthony Duke - Lead Singer (Principal)
Haydon Eshun - Lead Singer (Principal)
Cleo Higgins - Lead Singer (Principal)
David Jordan - Lead Singer (Principal)
John Moabi - Lead Singer (Principal)
Sean Christopher - Lead Male Dancer (Principal)
Michael Anthony Duke - Lead Male Dancer (Principal)

Ricardo Afonso - Performer (Ensemble)
Jade Albertsen - Performer (Ensemble)
Rob Anker - Performer (Ensemble)
Chris Arias - Performer (Ensemble)
Gabriela Atencio-Hernandez - Performer (Ensemble)
Remi Black - Performer (Ensemble)
Daniel Bradford - Dancer (Ensemble)
Deborah Dada - Performer (Ensemble)
Jordan Darrell - Dancer (Ensemble)
Joe Drum - Performer (Ensemble)
Austyn Farrell - Performer (Ensemble)
Lauren Gore - Dancer (Ensemble)
Leah Hill - Performer (Ensemble)
Samantha Johnson - Performer (Ensemble)
Michael Kavuma - Performer (Ensemble)
Liam Lawrence - Performer (Ensemble)
Andrae Palmer - Performer (Ensemble)
Jordan Palmer - Performer (Ensemble)
Busola Peters - Performer (Ensemble)
Britt Quentin - Performer (Ensemble)
Stefan Sinclair - Swing (Ensemble)
Stefan Sinclair - Dancer (Ensemble)
Penny Smart - Performer (Ensemble)
Sophie Usher - Performer (Ensemble)
Rose Wild - Performer (Ensemble)
Janiere Williams - Dancer (Ensemble)

Elijah Crossley - Young Michael Jackson (Child role)
Eshan Gopal - Young Michael Jackson (Child role)
Kyle Johnson - Young Michael Jackson (Child role)
Owen Jordan Mugowa - Young Michael Jackson (Child role)
Torann Opara - Young Michael Jackson (Child role)
Kierran Rogers - Young Michael Jackson (Child role)

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