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Top Hat

Original cast
Tom Chambers - Jerry Travers (Principal)
Charlotte Gooch - Dale Tremont (Principal)
Summer Strallen - Dale Tremont (Principal)
Martin Ball - Horace Hardwick (Principal)
Vivien Parry - Madge Hardwick (Principal)
Ricardo Afonso - Alberto Beddini (Principal)
Stephen Boswell - Bates (Principal)

Lucy Jane Adcock - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Lauren Appleby - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Caroline Bateson - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Jeremy Batt - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Alan Burkitt - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Hannah Cauchi - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Adam Rhys Charles - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Matthew Cheney - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Russell Dixon - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Charlotte Gale - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Ian Goss - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Alyn Hawke - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Paul Kemble - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Jenny Legg - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Martin McCarthy - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Grace McKee - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Carley Meyers - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Kay Murphy - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Tom Partridge - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Holly Rostron - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Charles Ruhrund - Ensemble (Ensemble)
John Stacey - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Callum Train - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Alexandra Waite-Roberts - Ensemble (Ensemble)

Jerry Travers (1st cover) - Alan Burkitt
Jerry Travers (2nd cover) - Adam Rhys Charles
Dale Tremont (1st cover) - Alexandra Waite-Roberts
Dale Tremont (2nd cover) - Grace McKee
Horace Hardwick (1st cover) - Paul Kemble
Horace Hardwick (2nd cover) - John Stacey
Madge Hardwick (1st cover) - Kay Murphy
Madge Hardwick (2nd cover) - Lucy Jane Adcock
Alberto Beddini (1st cover) - Russell Dixon
Alberto Beddini (2nd cover) - Adam Rhys Charles
Bates (1st cover) - John Stacey
Bates (2nd cover) - Fenton Gray

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Site Status for Top Hat:
12th Sep 2013: Closes at the Aldwych theatre on 26th October.
5th Feb 2013: New cast starts tonight, 5th February 2013, at the Aldwych theatre.
9th Mar 2012: Added complete original cast, which starts previews from 19th April.