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Current cast (from 27th October 2014)
Emma Hatton - Elphaba (Principal)
Natalie Andreou - Elphaba (Standby)
Savannah Stevenson - Glinda (Principal)
Sophie Linder-Lee - Glinda (Standby)
Jeremy Taylor - Fiyero (Principal)
Liza Sadovy - Madame Morrible (Principal)
Martyn Ellis - The Wizard (Principal)
Katie Rowley-Jones - Nessarose (Principal)
Sam Lupton - Boq (Principal)

Chloe Ames - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Kyle Anthony - Chistery (Ensemble)
Lee Bridgeman - Swing (Ensemble)
Lucyelle Cliffe - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Nicholas Collier - Swing (Ensemble)
Chris Cowley - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Maria Coyne - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Matthew Croke - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Jeanine Dinger - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Laura Emmitt - Swing (Ensemble)
Kerry Enright - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Joseph Fletcher - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Rosie Fletcher - Swing (Ensemble)
Sheila Grant - Swing (Ensemble)
Daniel Hope - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Melissa Jacques - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Lauren James-Ray - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Jasmine Kerr - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Natalie McQueen - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Oliver Metzler - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Scott Monello - Swing (Ensemble)
Rachel Muldoon - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Sam Salter - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Joe Toland - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Hannah Toye - Swing (Ensemble)
Russel Walker - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Liam Wrate - Swing (Ensemble)

Current cast understudies
Elphaba (Understudy) - Laura Emmitt
Elphaba (Understudy) - Natalie McQueen
Glinda (Understudy) - Maria Coyne
Glinda (Understudy) - Lauren James-Ray
Fiyero (Understudy) - Chris Cowley
Fiyero (Understudy) - Matthew Croke
Madame Morrible (Understudy) - Lucyelle Cliffe
Madame Morrible (Understudy) - Kerry Enright
Madame Morrible (Understudy) - Melissa Jacques
The Wizard (Understudy) - Russel Walker
Nessarose (Understudy) - Maria Coyne
Nessarose (Understudy) - Lauren James-Ray
Boq (Understudy) - Daniel Hope
Boq (Understudy) - Joe Toland
Doctor Dillamond (Understudy) - Scott Monello
Doctor Dillamond (Understudy) - Russel Walker


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Wow! What a show. Brilliant! Rachel Tucker is fantastic as Elphaba. She has the most amazing voice. (Written by "Jean (Guest)", 27th Aug 2012)

Michelle Francis is covering Florence Andrews And Melissa Jacques replaced Tania Mathurin Understudies are: For Elphaba: 1st: Michelle Pentecost 2nd Katie Rowley Jones For Glinda: 1st: Sophie-Linder Lee 2nd: Michelle Francis (temp) For Wizard: 1st: Christopher Howell 2nd: Stuart Ramsey For Morrible: 1st Melissa Jacques 2nd: Jacqueline Hughes For Nessa: 1st: Gemma Atkins 2nd: Michelle Bishop For Fiyero: 1st: Oliver Watton 2nd: Jason Winter For Boq: 1st: Marc McBride 2nd: Paulo Teixeria For Midwife: 1st: Jacqueline Hughes 2nd: Sophie-Linder Lee For Witch's Mother: Hannah Toy 2nd: Emma Green 3rd: Lauren Brooke For Doctor Dillamond: 1st: Stuart Ramsey 2nd: Oliver Brennin 3rd: Sean Parkins For Chistery: 1st: Sean Parkins 2nd: Matt Turner For Witch's Father: 1st: Oliver Brenin 2nd: Justin Thomas For (Written by "Mike (Guest)", 12th Mar 2013)

Saw this 15th August matinee. To be honest - I LOVED IT! Dianne and Alexia were great as Elphaba and Glinda. The whole cast was amazing. I met some of them too! I would see this again(totally!!). (Written by "Jen (Guest)", 5th Sep 2009)

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