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Current cast (from 27th October 2014)
Emma Hatton - Elphaba (Principal)
Natalie Andreou - Elphaba (Standby)
Savannah Stevenson - Glinda (Principal)
Sophie Linder-Lee - Glinda (Standby)
Jeremy Taylor - Fiyero (Principal)
Liza Sadovy - Madame Morrible (Principal)
Martyn Ellis - The Wizard (Principal)
Katie Rowley-Jones - Nessarose (Principal)
Sam Lupton - Boq (Principal)

Chloe Ames - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Kyle Anthony - Chistery (Ensemble)
Lee Bridgeman - Swing (Ensemble)
Lucyelle Cliffe - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Nicholas Collier - Swing (Ensemble)
Chris Cowley - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Maria Coyne - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Matthew Croke - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Jeanine Dinger - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Laura Emmitt - Swing (Ensemble)
Kerry Enright - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Joseph Fletcher - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Rosie Fletcher - Swing (Ensemble)
Sheila Grant - Swing (Ensemble)
Daniel Hope - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Melissa Jacques - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Lauren James-Ray - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Jasmine Kerr - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Natalie McQueen - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Oliver Metzler - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Scott Monello - Swing (Ensemble)
Rachel Muldoon - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Sam Salter - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Joe Toland - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Hannah Toye - Swing (Ensemble)
Russel Walker - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Liam Wrate - Swing (Ensemble)

Current cast understudies
Elphaba (Understudy) - Laura Emmitt
Elphaba (Understudy) - Natalie McQueen
Glinda (Understudy) - Maria Coyne
Glinda (Understudy) - Lauren James-Ray
Fiyero (Understudy) - Chris Cowley
Fiyero (Understudy) - Matthew Croke
Madame Morrible (Understudy) - Lucyelle Cliffe
Madame Morrible (Understudy) - Kerry Enright
Madame Morrible (Understudy) - Melissa Jacques
The Wizard (Understudy) - Russel Walker
Nessarose (Understudy) - Maria Coyne
Nessarose (Understudy) - Lauren James-Ray
Boq (Understudy) - Daniel Hope
Boq (Understudy) - Joe Toland
Doctor Dillamond (Understudy) - Scott Monello
Doctor Dillamond (Understudy) - Russel Walker


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Saw this 15th August matinee. To be honest - I LOVED IT! Dianne and Alexia were great as Elphaba and Glinda. The whole cast was amazing. I met some of them too! I would see this again(totally!!). (Written by "Jen (Guest)", 5th Sep 2009)

Michelle Francis is covering Florence Andrews And Melissa Jacques replaced Tania Mathurin Understudies are: For Elphaba: 1st: Michelle Pentecost 2nd Katie Rowley Jones For Glinda: 1st: Sophie-Linder Lee 2nd: Michelle Francis (temp) For Wizard: 1st: Christopher Howell 2nd: Stuart Ramsey For Morrible: 1st Melissa Jacques 2nd: Jacqueline Hughes For Nessa: 1st: Gemma Atkins 2nd: Michelle Bishop For Fiyero: 1st: Oliver Watton 2nd: Jason Winter For Boq: 1st: Marc McBride 2nd: Paulo Teixeria For Midwife: 1st: Jacqueline Hughes 2nd: Sophie-Linder Lee For Witch's Mother: Hannah Toy 2nd: Emma Green 3rd: Lauren Brooke For Doctor Dillamond: 1st: Stuart Ramsey 2nd: Oliver Brennin 3rd: Sean Parkins For Chistery: 1st: Sean Parkins 2nd: Matt Turner For Witch's Father: 1st: Oliver Brenin 2nd: Justin Thomas For (Written by "Mike (Guest)", 12th Mar 2013)

Wow! What a show. Brilliant! Rachel Tucker is fantastic as Elphaba. She has the most amazing voice. (Written by "Jean (Guest)", 27th Aug 2012)

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