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The Wind in the Willows

Original cast
Rufus Hound - Toad (Principal)
Simon Lipkin - Rat (Principal)
Craig Mather - Mole (Principal)
Neil McDermott - Chief Weasel (Principal)
Denise Welch - Mrs Otter/Barge Woman (Principal)
Gary Wilmot - Badger (Principal)

Chris Aukett - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Rosanna Bates - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Joel Baylis - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Jenna Boyd - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Abigail Brodie - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Jorell Coiffic-Kamall - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Nicole Deon - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Joshua Gannon - Ensemble (Ensemble)
James Gant - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Evan James - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Michael Larcombe - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Emile du Leslay - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Bethany Linsdell - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Ryan Pidgen - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Adam Vaughan - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Georgie Westall - Ensemble (Ensemble)
Natalie Wood - Ensemble (Ensemble)


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