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Saw this show WWRY on 29th Nov 09. The show is brilliant, though the script is a passe and holds little interest. The most promising performer was Louise Bowden as Meat. She is a natural performer and added to the glory of the show. I would give her credit far more than anyone else on the show. For me she is the show stealer. If I see the show again, it will be for the performance of Louise Bowden as Meat. (Written by "Arvind (Guest)", 1st Dec 2009)

I saw Sarah French-Ellis play the Scaramouche role on 23rd July. Her performance was outstanding and her commanding presence on stage helped to put extra viguor into a production which at times, French-Ellis apart, seemed somewhat tired. In this, its seventh year, it is crucial that the production keeps its best performers. (Written by "Paul Beresford (Guest)", 25th Jul 2008)

Saw the show on October the 3rd, and was blown away! I happen to be a bit of a We Will Rock You geek and this has to be one of the best casts I have seen! The main guy in it - Galileo, was understudied by Jon Boydon who did a brilliant job. Vocally not as strong as I've seen in the past but his acting was brilliant and his overall performance was one I would love to see again! The leading lady of the show, Sabrina Aloueche, in my mind, stole the show. She was everything I wanted from a Scaramouche - funny, a brilliant actress and vocally stunning! Her STL was one of the best I've heard/seen. That is saying something - as I have seen a few. Watch out for this lady. Meatloaf was played by Lucy Sinclaire who pulled off the tough nut rock chic very well. Her accent wavered occassionally and I feel she has a bit more growing into the role to do (as I believe is was only her third time doing it), her singing was amazing. Britney was played by Lain Gray, I Loved him! His version was so unique and original and he had me in stitches throughout! He worked the audience so well! The Killer Queen was played by Mazz Murray - long may she reign. This woman is the epitomy of brilliance! She can do no wrong! Her acting/singing was completely spot on. Alex Bourne played Khashoggi, and he remains my favourite male performer in the West End! His comic timing is delectable and I love his voice. Pop was played by Julien Littman - he was very funny and again was an audience favourite by the end of the night! The rest of the company were fantastic! Completely in sync with each other and brought the house down by the end of the show! A brilliant cast! (Written by "Guest", 4th Oct 2007)

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