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Saw this show WWRY on 29th Nov 09. The show is brilliant, though the script is a passe and holds little interest. The most promising performer was Louise Bowden as Meat. She is a natural performer and added to the glory of the show. I would give her credit far more than anyone else on the show. For me she is the show stealer. If I see the show again, it will be for the performance of Louise Bowden as Meat. (Written by "Arvind (Guest)", 1st Dec 2009)

Saw WWRY for the second time in London while I've been here doing internship. Once again, utter brilliance. The entire cast was fantastic, some more so than others. Sabrina as Scaramouche reminds me quite a bit of Hannah Jane Fox with her own edge to the role. But I am definitely partial to Mazz Murray as Killer Queen. The woman has a huge voice and huge stage presence. She literally can do no wrong. She's absolute brilliance, and hope to see more of her work soon. (Written by "Camille (Guest)", 22nd May 2008)

Love this show and this cast, they are amazing. Ricardo has a sensational voice, held a note on for well over 40 seconds in We are the Champions recently and during the finale he works the audience beautifully, making everyone feel wholeheartedly involved in the performance. Sabrina is perfect as Scaramouche, and again she has a brilliant voice. Julian cracks me up, he is a brilliant Pop. Mazz shines as the Killer Queen, as the previous reviewer said "she can do no wrong!" Lucy is wonderful as Meat, she plays the part so well and owns the stage when she's on there and her vocals on No-one But You are perfect, she's every part the rock chick she's playing. Lain is wonderful in the part of Vic (formally Brit), he looks like the all action hero you expect and has a lovely voice as well. Alex plays the part of Khashoggi so well, the in character ad libs are always a hoot. As I said I really do love this cast, they work brilliantly together, they are all very talented and from my point of view Luke Zammit and Alicia Peacock stand out as sensational dancers. Just a truly brilliant cast and show. (Written by "KiKi (Guest)", 24th Feb 2008)

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