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Reviews of Alun Armstrong

Reviews from the old website
(written between 2000 and 2006):

Emma from USA: He is defintely Thenardier! A brilliant actor and a good singer. Its a pity he doesn't do the role anymore.

Daniel Tabrett from UK: Alun Armstrong was brilliant as Thenardier! I saw him on the 10th Anniversary concert video and he was superb!

Freddy from Norway: He is a fantastic actor, the best Thenardier ever!

Munchy from Newcastle, UK: Alun Armstrong is an amazing actor, his presence on stage is very noticable. His role as Thenardier was unbeatable. Shame some of his most recent televised roles haven't been that high profile. I'd like to see a lot more of Alun.

Bec from Australia: Alun Armstrong really is the 'Master of the House'. His performance as a singer and actor are fantastic!

Claire from Germany: He is the best Thenardier ever! His grimaces, grins, his jokes... He is wonderful. I have seen him on the TAC video and I love him. He looked drunk and very awful but that made him great. There is nobody better than he!

Di from Russia: He was wonderful. Due to his actor gift he could make the part of Thenardier a real masterpiece.

Dave from Lincolnshire, UK: Alun Armstrong is one of the best actors of our time. It's good to see him getting a lot of TV work at the moment as he's such a great actor and I haven't seen him on TV for a while.

Shazza M from the UK: Only realised that he was in Les Mis, when I saw the TAC recording! WOW.. big fan of his tv work... crazy! The original and def one of the best.

Kathy from Houston: A memorable face and voice, versatile and always interesting.

Yang from South Korea: He's acted very fun! He acted real Thenardier. I like his voice and he's the greatest Thenardier that I ever seen.